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Having Fun

The past few days have been pretty fun, which also means that No Work Was Done. Isn't that lovely?

Monday night: After writing that entry about my shitty day, Dominic came over to my place where I fed him a piece of mochi. To my surprise, he said that he liked it. I expected him to find it weird or at least be neutral about it, but he liked it. After that, we went to the Punter (how predictable) where I felt a surge of affection when he was telling me that he enjoyed studying in secondary school (except a few subjects). After we were chased out at 10 minutes to 11, I didn't feel like going home just yet, and so we walked around Jesus Green, hand-in-hand, just talking.

I like the way he holds my hand. He locks his fingers with mine, then covers my thumb with his, almost protectively.

Tuesday: I did nothing in the morning. I had pad thai for lunch at the Thai restaurant near the college, then ran some annoying errands such as returning unwanted clothes to the various stores through the post and in-store, and buying sanitary pads from untested brands. I also stopped by HSBC to change my billing address. I had a quick chat with the bank guy about Sebastien Faulks' Birdsong, which I took out of my bag when I was searching for something. He said that it gets brutal after the first 100 pages. (The first part was quite lame anyway, with cringe-worthy sex scenes and out-of-nowhere declarations of love.) I don't know why I bought this war novel apart from the fact that it was part of Amazon's 3 for 10 pounds offer and I couldn't find a decent third book, and so I chose this one.

Anyway. I got my billing address sorted and then I met Stefan for coffee. He's a second-year law PhD student. I read his paper over the term break because he asked me to. We talked about, inter alia, Singapore, standing-up tables and his experiences living all over the globe as a kid. It was nice.

I attended the 20/20 graduate seminar in the evening. Speakers had to present their PhD topic using 20 slides with 20 seconds for each slide. It's a pretty tough format, I think, but it also meant that the presentations were kept short and that I could follow the presentations without tuning out midway through. It was interesting for the most part, but I was distracted by how freaking cold the room was.

After the seminar, I followed John back to Fitzwilliam where he made me dinner! How sweet of him. On the way to Fitz, I told him about Dominic, and his reaction was a bit weird. But I think we are past that now, so all is great in the world again. Anyway, he fed me a lot of cheese, made garlic and chilli prawns, cooked a Scottish fish stew that was delicious, baked some bread, and made a cake! I was so full at the end of it. Great conversation was also had, as is always the case when we hang out. I am very happy with my PhD best friend.

Wednesday: I went to London! Dominic had to go to Imperial, and so we went together. I made him leave an hour earlier than he usually does, and I was so keen to reverse my current trend of being late by a few minutes that I reached the plodge 5 minutes before the stipulated meeting time. He finally sauntered towards the college 2 minutes after the stipulated meeting time.

The first thing that I noticed was that he was bit grumpy. 'It's the morning,' he said. 'I'm not awake yet.' It was very cute, and we were right on time for the train.

After we got to Kings Cross, he left for South Kensington and I went to Birley's for my favourite salad. It was probably not the best idea to eat something cold on a cold day because I felt even colder and couldn't enjoy it. It was also not as good as before. I forgot to tell the guy to add salt and pepper (or rather, he forgot to ask me) but I really doubt that the absence of salt and pepper could affect the taste that much. Also, I really had to pee, so I had to rush through it a bit. The coffee was still good though.

I went to the LSE library to pee. I love the LSE library. I also finally bought Hart's The Concept of Law from Waterstones located on the LSE campus. It was a bit thicker than I thought it would be; probably because it was the latest edition. John convinced me to read it, but I can't really be bothered because it's not that interesting, but he said that it would make me a better philosopher, so okay, I will read it at some point.

I walked to Oxford Street from Holborn and went to Uniqlo. I thought I bought two extra warm Heattech long-sleeve crew neck tops, but I found out today when I opened a packet that I'd mistakenly bought the turtleneck one, which I hate. This is really annoying. I'm not sure it's worth the trip to London just to return them, since the train ticket will cost me 16 pounds, so I will end up losing money. But I don't want the turtleneck. Why doesn't Cambridge have Uniqlo? How obnoxious.

Anyway. I also bought a cashmere cardigan in brown after agonising for ages whether to buy the brown or navy. I even called my parents on Whatsapp to ask them; yes, I am that retarded. In the end, I bought the brown one, which I ended up returning less than an hour later because I crossed the road to Muji and saw that their cashmere cardigans were on sale. Half price! I couldn't find the XS in cream, but the dark brown was quite all right, and after a long period of indecision (see a pattern?), I decided to just save money and buy the brown one. I crossed the road back to Uniqlo and happily returned the cardigan, thinking that I was such a good girl for saving money, but it's turned out that I'd unwittingly wasted 25 pounds on two tops that I don't want to wear.

Also, I was very happy to discover that the Muji cardigan can be thrown into the washing machine. The Uniqlo one mandated dry cleaning, which means that I would have to spend money every time I wash it, which isn't very cost-effective.

I finally went to the Breakfast Club after my shopping for the legendary pancakes that I've been thinking about for months - literally months. It was 3.30pm on a Wednesday afternoon and I still had to wait outside. Luckily, I was the first in line. The pancakes took a while to arrive, which only prolonged my anticipation; and when they did, I died and went to pancakes heaven. I don't know what it is about the Breakfast Club pancakes that I love so much: maybe it's the vanilla cream on top, or the fresh berries (strawberries, blueberries and raspberries), or the texture of the pancakes, and the lethal combination of all of the above, plus maple syrup, to produce the best pancakes ever. Whatever it is, I love those pancakes. I also asked for extra maple syrup and the waitress gave me the entire bottle for me to pour over my pancakes as liberally as I want! Oh my god, I am making myself hungry. It was quite a big portion but I finished the entire thing. I think it speaks more to my capacity to eat than anything else, but it also shows that the pancakes are delicious.

I met Dominic at Leicester Square at about 5.30pm when he was done at Imperial. We walked around Chinatown/Covent Garden/Charing Cross, and we both thought it would be a great idea to enter a second-hand bookstore. He bought some book of poem(s?) by Dante. He is that kind of guy.
We then went to Plum Valley for dim sum dinner. He'd never had dim sum, so I was happy to instruct him. He liked everything except the eel rice roll which wasn't very good that day, and I probably won't order it again when I go back. I had to explain to him what a charsiew bao was, and I did so with reference t the bao that another Magdalene student made during this Sunday brunch at which Dominic made risotto. Essentially, he is very open-minded about food, which is great. Alas, he is not at all open-minded about being vegetarian!

We talked about philosophy over dinner. Specifically, we talked about Kant and Russell. This led him to mooting the nerdiest idea ever: a private reading group. We'd pick an article (a philosophy article) to read each week and discuss. But he'd arbitrarily excluded law-related articles from the pool of possible choices, and also said that he won't read for more than 30 minutes. I think his conditions are irrational and unreasonable, and therefore, they do not hold up in a court of law, which is my own court of law. Also, his reaction when I suggested Foucault was just... He is a bit of a snob about things, and Foucault apparently does not meet his lofty standards. 'Anyone can write this,' he said. 'It's not deep at all. It's not Wittgenstein.'

'Yeah but they use completely different methodologies!' I said. I mean, I can see how someone would think that Foucault exaggerates or isn't deep, or makes a mountain out of a molehill, but I enjoyed him (and still enjoy him) because he presents a radically different way of thinking about things that we take for granted. It is endlessly fascinating. I really have to start reading Discipline and Punish which is currently sitting on my table.

After dinner, I bought a bottle of garlic chilli sauce from a supermarket before heading to Soho for a drink. He'd never properly been to Soho. 'Maybe they wouldn't let me in because I'm so lame,' he said. He is very silly. We went to Lab Bar and I had a really nice drink with burnt sugar on top. He had something with a lot of ice which he chose quite randomly because he didn't want to peruse the entire menu (to be fair, it was a very substantial menu). I liked, though, that after I told the waitress what I wanted in a drink and accepted her recommendation, she almost walked off and forgot about Dominic. It was such a reversal of what usually happens: I become invisible when I am out with a man. For example, at the Chinese restaurant, even though I gave the waitress my bank card to pay for the bill, the waitress passed the card machine to Dominic, almost instinctively. What is this blatant discrimination?! As such, it felt good to be the visible one for once, and it was also a good educational opportunity for Dominic. Now he understands how I feel!

I also asked him if he gets jealous. His answer was more than acceptable. All things remaining equal, we probably wouldn't run into trouble on that front, which is great, because I cannot deal with irrational jealousy and suspicions. Who has time for that? Nobody.

We took the train back to Cambridge at 10.15pm and reached at a little over 11pm. We walked back in the cold. He had gloves, but he refused to wear them because I didn't have any with me. 'You're being silly,' I said. 'Just wear them!'

'No no, I won't wear them because you don't have gloves. It's called chivalry.'

'That almost sounds like "silly",' I said. (Yes, he offered his gloves to me, but I seem to have a point to prove these days about refusing help from people - specifically, men - so I said thanks but no thanks.)

At the Fellow's Garden, he commented that his hands were cold, and that he was sad that his act of chivalry was going unappreciated. I think he is really adorable.

Today: I inadvertently had a really good run this morning. I ran further than usual, into the meadows that I usually take as a point at which to turn around and run back; and when I was attempting to leave the meadows, I took the wrong exit. I found myself in an unfamilar place but I thought maybe I could keep running and find the river. When I reached the main road, I decided that I should backtrack.

That added some distance to the running. In the end, I ran 6.4km in 38 minutes or something like that, with a pace of 6 minutes and 2 seconds per km. How awesome!

After working on my scholarship application, I went to Sainsbury's. This is significant and interesting only because I ran into Barry! He was right when he said that it was the most interesting and fun groceries shopping experience; it certainly was for me. Barry is awesome. Dominic likes him, so that's great. Barry kept teasing me about Dominic, and on the way back to college, he was like, 'I am jealous...of you. I want to date Dominic. I am attracted to Dominic.'

He's just so full of shit like that.


Okay I want to sleep. I have to wake up early to do my laundry as I have to be in the faculty at 11am for an EGM for the journal. My entries are so badly written but at least I document my days, I guess. Half the time, though, I don't really feel like writing because I am SO LAZY!
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