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My moodiness yesterday was so apparent that Dominic picked up on it almost immediately when I met him at the MCR to do the CNY decorations. I hugged him longer than usual when I entered the room. I was even 5 minutes late. He asked me how I was, and I said that I was tired. I think he could tell that I was not really my usual self, but I blamed it on fatigue, and we left it at that. I am glad that there wasn't a Serious Conversation about My Feelings, because that would have been a bit too much.

My spirits lifted considerably after that. In fact, when dinner started, I went on to forget whatever was bothering me and I was (more or less) happy again. I wore the new dress that I bought in London on Wednesday (which I have not written about), this red dress from Miss Selfridge. It wasn't my favourite: the fabric is a bit cheap, it is a bit too short, and it made me feel like a cocktail waitress. The only reason that I bought it was because I'd gone to a few shops looking for a red dress and couldn't find anything, and I was genuinely sick of shopping and I couldn't be bothered anymore, and so I settled for the first one that was halfway decent. Dominic's comment on the dress was: 'It's very British.' Meaning: it is very short. At least he made up for it later, post-dinner, when he acknowledged the aesthetically-pleasing nature of my legs, which of course, the dress showed off.

Anyway. John arrived at 6.58pm. I felt a bit awkward introducing him to Dominic, but the awkwardness abated after a while. John is a great guest to have; I don't have to take care of him. All I need to do is to introduce him to someone from the college and he'd start a conversation with that person immediately. We sat with Raphael and his girlfriend in formal hall, and John and Raphael spent half the time talking to each other. It was great.

The food, however, was rather disastrous. The starter was hot and spicy soup (suan la tang) and it tasted more like tom yum soup. Even the Thai student to my left said the same thing. It was too watery and not starchy enough, and the chef added a weird spice/vegetable that tasted totally out of place. The main was either a fish or a vegetable bun. My dietary requirement is always 'vegetarian (eats fish)', so I was expecting to get the fish. When I saw that they were serving a whole fish, as opposed to a fillet, I almost freaked out, and I was relieved when the waiter gave me the vegetable bun. There was also fried rice and some boiled vegetables for sides.

The best part of the dinner was probably the fried rice. It went kind of well with the soy sauce that came with the bun. Apart from that, the food was really awful. John gave me a piece of his fish and I spat out the only bite that I took. It was bony and overwhelmingly fishy and just really gross. I also could not have eaten a whole fish without my mom deboning it, so I was really happy to take the bun.

John and I discussed Waldron and Raz over dinner. I enjoy nerdy conversations a lot.

Post-dinner drinks was fun. I tricked John into eating a durian candy; his reaction was hilarious. He spat it out and called me a witch for tricking him, which is a fair characterisation of my behaviour, I think. He also behaved somewhat inappropriately when we were talking to each other while Dominic was talking to Sean just next to us. But then, Dominic isn't the jealous type, and he knows that I can't stand irrational jealous behaviour, so he didn't seem to pick up on anything, and if he did, he didn't seem to care.

We were chased out at 10.10pm. John left for salsa, and I had to carry some props back to the MCR due to my association with Dominic. We hung out with Sean for a bit in the college bar, and then we were kicked out at 11.30pm. Sean went home. Dominic came over to mine, and I opened this bottle of wine that I bought on a whim from Sainsbury's. It was quite terrible.

I proceeded to have an amazing end to what was already a very good night. I definitely enjoy Fridays a lot.


Today was a good day too. I went for tennis in the late morning, which was a bad idea: the howling wind made conditions virtually unplayable today. I talked to my parents on FaceTime for a bit, then read the Rawls chapter in 'Communitarianism and Individualism'. I've only the last chapter left (I skipped the chapter on feminism because I'm not at all interested), and it's Ronald Dworkin's Liberal Community. I am excited to read it.

Chung-han invited me to this Chinese New Year dinner organised by the Taiwanese Students Association at Seven Days, which is a popular Chinese restaurant in Cambridge. The food was actually really good, albeit a bit too oily. I met a bunch of Taiwanese people; there was even this German guy there who spoke really good Mandarin. Bottom line is, I survived a night speaking only in Mandarin, and so I am quite proud of myself.

I skipped the trip to the bubble tea shop after the visit to Spoons, where I forced myself to drink beer (Guinness) which I didn't finish. Dominic and I are going to Ely tomorrow; we're going to stop by the bubble tea shop on the way to the train station. It would be nice to have something that reminds me of home on CNY Eve.


The trip to London on Wednesday was nice. I had to go to Uniqlo to return some Heat Tech turtleneck tops that I bought by mistake. I had lunch at Tibits, a Swiss vegetarian restaurant that Cordelia brought me to. I really love the dried beans salad! In fact, the food there is generally quite awesome. Later in the evening, Dominic and I had dinner at a gastropub called the Eagle in Farringdon which Arthur highly recommended. The food was really good, even the vegetarian option!

When we were walking to King's Cross, arm-in-arm (I wore his right glove while he wore his left, and we kept our other hand in our pocket; he thought it was weird to hold hands with gloves on), this homeless old man approached us for money. I was about to stop and give him some money because he looked quite poor thing, but he followed us. That really freaked me out. It was honestly one of the few times that I genuinely felt scared in London; as such, my instinct was to get away as quickly as possible. Later, when he'd stopped following us, I said to Dominic that I felt really bad because he looked really destitute, to which he agreed. It was also his following us that put Dominic on guard. I suppose it's normal that one's survival instincts would kick in in these situations, but still, I felt really bad.

I like these trips to London with him. I fell asleep on the train back with my head on his shoulder, and it was very comfortable. When we arrived in Cambridge, he saw the sleepiness all over my face, and so he suggested that we took a cab back (obviously, I said yes).

He's very sweet in his own ways. I also really enjoy making fun of his accent, especially when he says 'work' in the German way ('vork'). But I like the way he speaks; it's very elegant and rather posh. I am really looking forward to this day trip to Ely tomorrow.


This entry is deliberately non-emo because 1) I am feeling good; and 2) I can't stand emo bullshit.
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