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John dragged me to a ballet tonight. It was a student production, and it was performed just next to the law faculty, and it was Romeo & Juliet which means that I already know the story, so I thought, 'Okay, why not.'

Let's just say that, unless there is an irresistible and compelling reason, I am never paying money for a student production ever again. I can't even remember the last time I watched a ballet, but it was bad even to my untrained eyes. I could even tell when some of the performers were not in sync with the music. The choreography was also really dull and uninspired, which was a shame because Prokofiev's music was majestic! In any event, I'm not sure if I can follow a proper ballet and take the exaggerated movements seriously, so maybe Dominic and I will have to shelf our vague plans to watch a ballet in London.

The day was spent working on that side project and still not working on my PhD. There's nothing interesting to talk about there.

Last night, however, was nice. I couldn't go to London with Dominic because I simply have no fucking time, but we met at a pub that serves Belgian beer - the one that we wanted to go to on Sunday but which was closed - at about 8.30pm, and it was really nice. First, though, I was late by at least 10 minutes because, once again, I severely underestimated how far the pub was from the law faculty and left later than I should have. When I finally arrived after taking what was probably a longer route because Google Maps didn't seem to know what it was doing, he was waiting outside for me in the cold. The last time I arrived somewhere earlier than him, I'd gone straight into the pub. It was kind of cute that he was standing outside.

The beer menu was rather extensive and most of the beers weren't cheap. Some were 5 or 6 pounds and others were over 30 pounds! I asked the bartender for a recommendation based on my love Hoegaarden, and he recommended me something that was cheap and yummy. I actually really liked it. Dominic bent his no-alcohol rule (for Lent) and had a sip to taste; he said that the one that he had, which was what he told me to order, was better. Ah well, next time.

Last night was really nice because the conversation was really nice. We talked about transgender people, and what was nice was that, just as I thought I'd won an argument, he turned the tables around and ended up clinching victory. We also talked about the English language and grammar and punctuation. It was all very nerdy and fun.

We left at about 10.30pm. On the way back, when we'd barely walked any distance at all away from the pub, he slid his arm around my waist, pulled me to him and kissed me. We stood in the cold, kissing, and it was almost as if we were the only two people in the world...until I became distracted by faint voices floating out of the pub, and then, a figure in the distance walking towards us. I saw it, giggled; he understood what I meant, and we resumed walking while he commented, 'We aren't even doing anything weird!'

I guess my aversion to PDA truly runs deep.

We ran into Sean just outside of the college gate and stood in the cold chatting for a bit. A while later, Michael ran into us, and so we stood right outside the college, the four of us hogging the narrow pavement, talking about nothing in particular in the cold. It was very nice.

Dominic walked me back and he sat in the kitchen for a bit to warm up. I offered him a mini mandarin orange, these super delicious 'peelers' from Sainsbury's Taste the Difference which I am currently obsessed with. Alas, the one that I gave him wasn't too sweet, but the one that I was shoving down my throat was amazing.

Before he left, we stood there in that untidy and unromantic kitchen, kissing for a while, as if he didn't want to leave. I eventually had to say, 'You should go.' It wasn't because I wanted him to go, but because it was approaching midnight and I knew that he wanted to get enough rest. To 'rise early', he said.

I digested that, and then burst out laughing. 'I'm so childish,' I sputtered in between laughter.

He understood the double entendre and made this face that he always makes when he understands and does not approve of a risque, silly sexual joke.

In my defence, just before he'd kissed me, he said that he was 'sufficiently hot'; and before that, because we were talking to Michael, some sexual jokes were also made. I was merely running with it, see? I also told him, when we stopped kissing long enough for some conversation to take place, 'You're definitely sufficiently hot now.'

All in all, I think he's adorable.

On that note, I am going to bed.
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