anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

one simple thing to say. (edited)

Oh my god, Blake Lewis is so hot.

Sweet dreams of him tonight for me.


Edited to add at 10.49 a.m. after Public Law lecture and in the computer clusters:

Actually I dreamt that I was tasked to write the Client Advice Letter for LCS and it was 20 minutes before the 8.30 a.m. deadline and I hadn't written a single word. What a nightmare. I woke up before my group members got the chance to get all pissed at me.

Anyway, first time posting a YouTube video. Hope this works.

Like OMG Blake is so totally sexy. I was listening to him singing Time of the Season or whatever in my head throughout Public Law and it like so totally put a total smile on my face. And like look at the super hot picture here! I loved the way he did the third verse towards the end. So incredibly sexy.

That aside, today looks set to be a repeat of yesterday which was a repeat of Tuesday. I printed out my Fiduciaries lecture notes, meaning the stuff I took down during the lectures, and it totalled up to 14 pages. Amazing, isn't it? I think it is too, as is the way my life seems so Groundhog Day nowadays. Instead of going through the exact same events, you're feeling the exact same emotions. Talk about boring. There's Trusts tutorial and THW is finally back. I think he's awesome, I really do. I just wish we didn't have a 10 a.m. lecture on Tuesdays; it's way too early for me to pay attention and I end up tuning out/falling asleep after half an hour.

Blake Lewis is still hot.

Tags: blake lewis, law school

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