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I had a nice afternoon with Dominic today. We had lunch at a half-decent Thai restaurant on Green Street; my pad thai was good, and he had the green curry which he had the last time we were there. I had that last week when I patronised the restaurant with my Thai friend Jikky who visited from Norwich so I decided to have something else. (Last week, there wasn't any bamboo shoots in my curry which was quite upsetting because it was the best part of the curry. I thought maybe they leave out the bamboo shoots for the set lunch menu, but Dominic's curry did come with bamboo shoots!) I gave Dominic the two pieces of carrot that was in my noodles. If he thought I was being generous, his false impression was quickly shattered when I explained, 'I hate carrots.'

It's the Easter weekend, and so he told me about his fasting experience yesterday and the things that he likes about services in church (I don't know what they are properly called) during this period. I like the way he gets all animated when he talks about these things. I like people with interests and hobbies and deep-seated convictions, even if they're completely different from mine. He was disappointed that the service he attended yesterday wasn't in Latin. I am sometimes still amazed that he has a solid command of Latin.

We had coffee and a delicious brownie at this cafe in the mall (Grand Arcade) after lunch. He was puzzled when I pulled him into the mall. He started complaining about how malls are artificial and American; but of course, they're not even called malls. They are called shopping centres. I miss the shopping centres in Singapore. Then again, I just miss Singapore, period.

Anyway, we went to Maplin after coffee where he bought a pair of headphones and I got myself some clip-on earphones. I am worried about my prolonged use of those Apple earbuds; sometimes I feel this slight vibration in my left ear when I listen to music for too long. These new earphones are supposed to help because they don't go directly into my ear. I used them in the afternoon while working in the Magdalene library and I still felt the vibration. Alas! I guess it's okay as long as I don't become deaf.

We parted ways at about 10 minutes to 4. I had to work on my PhD and he had some things to do, too. We'll be in London tomorrow: he's going to a service in a church in South Kensington and I'm meeting some law school people for lunch. I'm excited! We'll meet after my lunch and do something, though I have no idea what, and neither have I any idea on where to go for dinner, which may be problematic because Monday is a holiday so places will probably be quite crowded. I guess all I can do is hope for the best.


I couldn't sleep last night. I conveyed to Dominic my sleeplessness and I felt a stab of guilt when he tried to think of ways that I can keep the sleeplessness at bay. But the cause of last night's sleeplessness comes and goes; it will be okay soon.

I spent Friday afternoon and evening working on my PhD in the law faculty and my paper is 10,000 words over the word limit. Obviously I will cut out a huge chunk of it. I'm just putting everything in to make sure that I've covered more or less everything that I should cover in terms of the case law (but my lack of access to LawNet, and the library's decision not to subscribe to LawNet, is making this quite difficult), and I'm also putting in way more information than is necessary for some of the cases. I think it all kind of makes sense but the structure needs to be tweaked so that it flows better. Anyway, I am a bit less worried, but I would feel a lot better if I had a viable paper already, even if the deadline is on May 20. I really don't want to do revisions over the summer so it is imperative that I pass at one go. (Isn't it nice that I just assume that I will pass?)

The weather is still shitty. It's only a little over 10 degrees these days. I really miss hot weather. I need to go to the beach in the summer and when I go home!
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