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The frequency of my updating has inadvertently turned into a once-a-week thing. In my defence, the past week has been dominated by my PhD. I spend more time in the law faculty than I do in my room. I spend more time thinking about my PhD and writing the first year paper than anything else. I am mentally tired, but the finish line has not been crossed, not even remotely. I submitted a more or less finished first draft today to my supervisors (word count: 28,000+). I was also meant to submit a draft PhD outline but I have not written it yet. I will somehow write something between tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday morning so that I can send something before the 11.30am meeting on Thursday.

I thought I would be free for a few days after today's deadline; I didn't foresee that I would spend so much time revising the first year paper that I'd be eventually left with no time to write the outline. Thinking that I would be free tomorrow night, I agreed to go to a banquet at Sidney Sussex with Wei-Yun and a couple of other Magdalene students tomorrow, but knowing what I know now, I wish I hadn't agreed. Alas, it is too late to cancel, and so I will just make things work somehow and have a good time and make it worth my 16 pounds.

I also really want to go shopping, and I really, really need to cut my hair. I haven't had my hair trimmed since last December in Singapore. My fringe is disgustingly and uncomfortably long, and my split ends - don't even get me started on it. Hopefully I can go shopping and for a haircut either on Thursday or Friday. I would like to play tennis on Wednesday afternoon; it will be sunny and I haven't played in over a week, and it is killing me.

I was really stressed on Saturday. My supervisors had issues with the title I proposed for the first year paper, and I somehow got it into my head that I would have to change my argument which means changing half the fucking paper, and instead of cutting down the paper, I spent my Saturday adding an extra section, and I felt like I was making no progress, and I hated the shit that I wrote that day, and so I was almost in tears when I left the library to catch The Man Who Knew Infinity with Josh, John and Visa. I ran into John on the way to the Picturehouse (which was INSANELY CROWDED) and the first thing he said when he saw me was, 'Are you okay?!' I really am an open book. Thankfully, the rest of the day turned out to be pretty great. The movie was entertaining enough but of course, the love story between Ramanujan (an Indian Cambridge mathematician who was a genius and died at 32) and his wife was contrived. The intellectual aspects, dumbed down as they were for a general audience, were more interesting. I liked that it focused on the mathematics, unlike The Theory of Everything which was basically a glorified PowerPoint presentation of Stephen Hawking's life.

Watching the movie in Cambridge was also quite special. There is a rule in the old traditional colleges that only college fellows are allowed to walk on the grass for reasons that I am not aware of. There is a scene in the movie when Ramanujan has just arrived in Cambridge and he is late to meet Professor Hardy, and in his haste (and probably ignorance), he ran on the grass. Even before the porter in the movie yelled at him to get off the grass, there was a collective exclamation from the audience at his breaking a hallowed Cambridge rule. It was pretty funny.

Sunday was better though. I didn't finish what I'd started out to finish, but I revised the introduction and wrote some kind of a conclusion, and revised most of Part II on the cases. Also, I had dinner with Dominic which was very lovely. He went to Lisbon today for five days to give a talk at a university and so it was nice to see him yesterday. He and Sean were supposed to watch The Man Who Knew Infinity on Saturday too, but the two of them stupidly did not book tickets in advance, and when they went to the cinema, they discovered that all tickets were sold out. The same thing happened when they tried watching The Revenant. How did they not learn from their lesson?! I was looking forward to discussing the movie with Dominic while watching it, and so I was very disappointed when he told me that they didn't catch it after all. They are so silly!

I've been waking up between 8.30 and 8.50 in the morning as I had to start work earlier due to evening commitments. While it's nice to start my day early-ish, I think I prefer to do some exercise in the morning. I like to exercise, have lunch, shower and start my day. Otherwise, I feel fat and gross; and considering I still have my jar of Cadbury chocolate spread which I spread on two slices of toast every morning with considerable thickness, I have been feeling really fat the past three days as the last time I exercised was on Friday morning. How terrible!

I want to watch something on Netflix. I hope I can update this more often but well, we will see.
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