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Rubbish entry.

1. Roger Federer

I've had two people telling me that they don't like Roger because he's cocky.

While I can see where they're coming from in terms of the comments that he makes, as an avid fan of his I have no choice but to come to his rescue and say that it's just the way he talks. Take the most recent quote from the Australian Open - semi-final stage I believe - where he said, and I paraphrase, "I've always known I was talented. I just never knew it was this crazy."

I can see how that statement could be interpreted as cockiness, as arrogance; same with the 15 jacket he put on after he won Wimbledon.

But you see, if you read his press conferences and listen to him talk, it's just the way he is. He's a straight talker; he rarely ever bullshits. The "I'm talented" comment was stated as a fact, because it's obviously true - he's talented. He's not just talented; he's fucking talented. Would it be better if he faked modesty and went, "Oh, I'm actually not that great; I'm actually just lucky." And in fact, in that same comment, he undermined himself by saying even he was astounded by his outstanding performance.

In any event, even if he were a cocky prick in real life, I think he's entitled, to some extent. He's the best tennis player EVER. He must be a major saint if he didn't have his cocky moments.

That said, I stand by what I said earlier - he's not cocky. He just talks like that. And let's not forget English isn't his first language. He's fluent, but he's probably more comfortable speaking in Swiss German.

Anyway, I'm very happy to see his face on my wall every day when I go to work. I'm also happy to see him hitting a forehand on my computer screen every day when I get to work and when I leave work. Roger makes me happy. Yay!

Finally downloaded Hit for Haiti. I wanna watch it soon. Soon. Whenever that is.


2. Work

Left at 11 today, mostly because I'm not going to work tomorrow due to my appointment with the stomach specialist and I suddenly got piled with a hell lot of work due on Wednesday.

GRAH. Tired of this.

It didn't feel too terrible to stay today though. I definitey felt worse in the morning and early afternoon. I think it helped that Huishan and Charmaine were in the room with me too, and someone amused me greatly on Sametime. It wasn't the person per se, but the whole...situation. Haha nevermind.

3. Other news

In other news, I totally went shopping on Saturday after tennis and bought four dresses, sun block from Shiseido for my face (I'm paranoid about putting weird shit on my face), and a bag that cost freaking NINETEEN BUCKS.

SHIT I LOVE CHEAP STUFF. See, I love buying things - a lot of things. And since I'm not rich, in order to continue buying a lot of things, I need to buy them cheap. Makes sense? Totally makes sense.

I love my new dresses. The only brand so far that I can spend over a hundred on a dress is Individual Expressions. Their dresses are cute to the max and gorgeous to boot. I think it's a local brand, in which case - omg Singapore totally rocks?

Shit, I really want to play tennis. I need to master the fucking topspin, especially the bloody backhand. Need to sort out the non-existent slice too. It's a miracle I can hit a forehand slice but not a backhand one, considering my forehand has always been bad and my backhand relatively good. But I guess the fact that I'm taking one hand off the racquet when I slice makes a lot of difference.

Anyway I'm falling asleep. Going to shower and sleep.

I can't wait to buy a new racquet. Maybe I'd get a Babolat this time (Andy Roddick uses it. And so does Nadal but I don't care, really).

Okay who am I kidding? There's no other brand for me but Wilson because Roger Federer is the GOAT.

That makes no sense. I need to sleep. NOW.

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