anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

Some Self-Pity

Typing is a bit of a literal pain for me right now. It turns out that the wounds from my fall, ghastly as they were, were the least of my problems. I have somehow managed to also injure my right arm, which currently feels really weak and slightly numb. Since I've not had any recent experience in falling or sustaining injuries, I have no idea if this is normal; and given the shitty health system here which makes going to the doctor a massive inconvenience because you can't just walk in to any old clinic, I have yet to see a doctor. Being in the UK makes it that much scarier and shittier to be unwell, and in this regard, I miss Singapore's convenience and efficiency.

I'm going to see the college nurse tomorrow morning, but I'm not sure how much she can do for me. I hope she can at least let me know if there's anything wrong with my arm. I suddenly felt dejected today at about 5pm while having a crepe at Crepe Affair, and this messed up arm produced some difficulty in cutting the crepe, forking it and putting it in my mouth using my right hand, and it was sunny out and it was warm enough for me to walk around in a short-sleeve dress, and I'd been looking forward to tennis in ages but I couldn't play because of my arm, and Dominic isn't here, and it all just felt shitty.

It is incredibly challenging to do almost everything with my left hand/arm. Brushing my teeth, blow-drying my hair (my hair has been looking shit since Sunday), carrying things, carrying my clothes to the laundry room and carrying all the wet load left arm has been receiving too much abuse over the past few days. Hopefully this means that it is strengthened, somehow.

On the bright side, the day wasn't all that shitty. I met Raff and John at Afternoon Tease in the morning to discuss which abstracts to accept for the legal theory conference in August, then had lunch with them which was fun; also talked to Raff for a bit after John went off to get his train to Cardiff, which was nice. I went to the Graduate Research Seminar at 6pm which was fun. Barry presented and he did really well. After having some doritos and wine at the lower ground floor, Barry walked me back with his bike. I thought it was hilarious how the first thing he said when we were by ourselves was, 'You look really hot. Dominic, that lucky bastard!'

It was nice to know that I didn't look as crappy as I was feeling.

I just got off Skype with Dominic. It felet really good to talk to him. I wish he were here now but it's nice to know that he's thinking of me all the way in Princeton. He went to the Met Museum in New York and took a picture of a painting of a cow looking at a painting of a cow, just for me. How sweet is that?

I am going to Netflix and sleep!
Tags: cambridge, dominic, friends, injuries

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