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This entry isn't interesting.

The weather has been freakishly good the past two days, rising to a high of 23 degrees today and hovering in the low 20s for most of the day. I went out in a short sleeve shirt and a skirt and it almost felt like walking around in Singapore, minus the humidity and therefore copious sweating. However, this heaven on earth will not last; it will be back to the high 10s after this weekend. On the bright side, I am going to some Jacobean house + garden tomorrow with the jurisprudence people (John, Josh, Raffael and Visa). I wanted to do something nice because of the predicted good weather and I suggested that we did something, but as usual, I didn't have a plan; and Josh came up with that idea, so yay. We are going to walk there and it will take 2 hours. Initially I was horrified, but I thought of the amount of exercise I've done since falling on Sunday - i.e. none - and the amount of food I've digested in the same period of time - i.e. a fuckload - and I thought it would be a nice way to burn some calories, however little.

This lack of exercise is driving me crazy; I feel fat and unhealthy. The good news is, my arm is slowly recovering; it is regaining strength every day, and so it's only a matter of days before I start exercising again. In fact, I did some abs exercises in the morning, but had to skip half of it because I couldn't use my right arm. I guess it was better than nothing.

The college nurse (who is super nice) recommended that I called this Physio Direct service offered by the NHS. I received a consultation over the phone as I couldn't be arsed to wait for some documents to come in the mail which I would have to fill out before getting an appointment, and aparently I have a soft tissue injury. This service is really good though. The physio who spoke to me was very professional and helpful. It may seem weird to get a diagnosis over the phone, but trust me, this is really fucking efficient and heaven-sent compared to the usual GP process. It was quick, it was instant, I received answers straight away, and I didn't have to wake up at 8.30am to make an appointment. It's nice to know that the NHS doesn't completely suck.

I met Dr P on Friday afternoon to discuss my first year paper. He is so nice that every time he starts saying something positive, I know that something bad is going to follow; but more importantly, he is so nice that I don't know if he is being too nice! He said it was a good paper which evidences a lot of work. I am not convinced, but at this stage, all I want to do is to pass, so I will do whatever it takes.

In other news, I did not get the M0dern L@w Rev!ew scholarship. None of the first years that applied got it. It's only 5000 quid ('only' relative to the total fees I have to pay, i.e. 19,000+ quid a year) so it's no huge loss, but still. I am also STILL waiting for the Singapore one to get back to me. This wait is killing me!

I tried a new recipe today: pasta with tomatoes, garlic, spinach and ricotta. I overcooked the tomatoes. The ricotta was so mild that it was tasteless. Maybe next time I won't buy Sainsbury's brand, strength 1.

I walked through town today to get a sandwich from Pret and I was so annoyed by the throngs of people that infested the narrow streets of the city centre. People that walked slowly, people that hogged the pavements, people that stopped in the middle of the street to take pictures. On a slightly unrelated note, I find it amusing how the ang mohs go crazy when the sun comes out. Yesterday at the Sidgwick Site, there were many students camped out on the grass in the sun, and I noticed that one guy was looking decidedly sunburned.

The thing is, I don't care for the sun. All I care for is warm weather. It can be cloudy as long as it's above 20 degrees. Nothing makes me feel more at home than walking around in short sleeves and bare legs. The problem is, I am not equipped for the summer yet as I didn't bring any summer clothes from Singapore and I haven't had time to do summer shopping (also, summer isn't here yet), and I don't have any flat sandals, so I don't know what I'm going to wear on the outing tomorrow. It would be nice to wear something sleeveless, but at the same time, I don't want to get skin cancer; and since we'll be walking in the sun for 2 hours, I guess it would be good to wear something with sleeves.

I have nothing interesting to say. I shall watch something on Netflix now.
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