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I bought a cheap bottle of wine from Sainsbury's, and it's probably one of the worst wines ever. It is so bad that it is giving me a headache. Next time, I will choose my wine based not on least, I will not get anything below 5 pounds ever again.

My arm has mostly regained strength, except that holding something mildly heavy causes it to hurt after a few minutes. This includes holding up my hairdryer to blow-dry my hair. I do think it is quite ridiculous. I should be able to play tennis again in a week or so, but it doesn't matter that much now, since the first year assessment things are due next Friday.

It is rather hard to believe that I am now almost at the end of the first year of my PhD. It has been an interesting experience. In all honesty, I am not excited about and by my work as I thought I would be, and I still think that I know so little about what I should know. I am quite baffled as what I spent the past 9 months doing, why I thought it was a good idea to read all the constitutional law cases from Singapore, why I didn't read more widely and deeply than I should have. It took me a long time to find a routine, and I only realised recently that I found this routine when I was hanging around my room at 2 in the afternoon and thinking, Hmm, I have nothing to do, and this feels weird; perhaps I should go to the library.

I am unsure about the direction that my first year paper seems to be taking my PhD (assuming, that is, that I pass the assessment). I think I will spend the summer reading the shit out of everything - reading, that is, the philosophy and theoretical works that interest me so much more than the constitutional case law in Singapore. I wouldn't be too surprised if I eventually decide to remove the doctrinal aspect altogether and focus on the theory/philosophy. This is partly due to how I think that Singaporeans, by and large, don't care about their constitutional rights, which slightly diminishes my interest in fixing a problem that doesn't really affect most people. Furthermore, I find the courts' approach to constitutional law very disheartening and discouraging. It makes me feel more like an outsider than I already do.

Mostly, though, my interest in human rights is more theoretical than anything, and so I should focus on that. Still, I wonder if I am saying all this because my propensity to get bored of things really quickly is rearing its head; perhaps I will be saying the same thing - that what I'm doing doesn't keep me up all night - even if my work had taken a more theoretical route. I don't know. I guess I will find out.

In any event, there is an immediate aim to achieve and that is to get my paper down to 15,000 words. I have slightly over 900 words left to eliminate. This is amazing progress considering I started off with 28,000, then 17,000. Anyway, I am in familiar territory; I'm sure it will be fine.


In other news, I went on a four-hour walk to Anglesey Abbey with John, Josh, Visa and Raffael on Sunday when it was incredibly warm and sunny. The day trip was very fun and it was an awesome way to spend my Sunday. It probably wouldn't have happened if Dominic were in town, so I guess his absence yielded that one positive outcome.

I am looking forward to his return on Monday. We spoke a few times on Skype, which was nice.

Lastly, I am becoming more and more vegetarian, i.e. I am eating less and less seafood. I can't remember the last time I bought and cooked salmon, and I mostly opt for vegetarian options when I eat out. I am very pleased about this.

Gonna watch Battlestar Galatica now (better late than never!).
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