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Stage One, Complete

I have finally submitted the first year paper and the PhD outline. This time round, I submitted really early for my standards; the deadline was 4pm yesterday and I submitted at 2.45pm! That was an improvement from the submission of my LSE essays and so many law school assignments that I uploaded onto IVLE a minute before the deadline.

I am more or less okay with the paper proper, but the outline. I received comments on an earlier draft from Dr H at 10pm on Thursday. I was out with Dominic until 11pm, and didn't work on the changes until midnight. Her comments were easy to incorporate and really helpful, so that was good; but I'd added some substance to the chapters that are not covered by my first year paper, and I really didn't know whether they were okay or not, and so I was still changing things at 1.30pm yesterday, almost paralysed by indecision but forced by the deadline to make a decision. I ended up keeping most of it and I'm really not sure if it was a good idea. I just found it so difficult to outline the rest of the thesis; not only have I not read nearly enough to form an idea of what the theoretical part is going to be, but I'm simply terrible at looking ahead. I don't even know what I will have for dinner today. Of course, I accept that an argument could be made to the effect that my 'take it as it comes' attitude should not apply to a PhD thesis, but it is what it is, is it not?

I don't know when the viva is going to be, save that it will be sometime in June. I will need to read a bit more stuff before that. Right now, I am too tired to properly freak out, but once I know the date of the exam, it is more likely than not that I will have a meltdown.


Some of the PhD people met at the Granta at 5pm yesterday. I joined at 5.30 and they already had two bottles of prosecco on the table. We pretty much started drinking from 5 till 10, which was the time I left; everyone else was still hanging out when I left. We ended up with four bottles of prosecco, two bottles of white wine, and two bottles of rose, which Tim bought out of nowhere.

I really like my PhD classmates in general. They're fun people, nice to talk to, easy to get along with. Most importantly, no one seems drunk on the Cambridge Factor to the point of being an obnoxious twat about Cambridge Traditions! and all that jazz; in other words, people are down to earth and nice and non-pretentious. I really like that.


Dominic and I are watching X-Men tonight. I'm excited! I hope I won't be too tired. I was so tired at tennis today that I completely sucked. I mean, I hadn't played in over two weeks, but wow, that time when I missed this completely easy put away volley in such a horrendous fashion...the ball was floating towards me, all I had to do was to touch it with my racquet, but my racquet made contact with nothing but air.

I'm never going to play tennis on 5 hours of sleep ever again.

I shall watch some BSG before going out for dinner. I'm so pleased that I am NOT in the library today!
Tags: cambridge, friends, phd, playing tennis

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