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product of boredom. please ignore.

Waiting in school for Trusts lecture to start at 2.30. The worst part about this? I'm stuck in the computer clusters writing this entry because my laptop's battery is half dead, I don't have my adapter with me, as usual I didn't bring anything worthwhile to read, and no one's around. How absolutely sad. To top it all off I'm suffering through this retarded migraine at the right side of my head and it's extremely painful and annoying.</p>

I hate Chinese parsley. It's disgusting.

Public Law lecture was a complete waste of time. I went hysterical laughing at absolutely nothing at one point in time. I think that's a pretty strong sign of, like, stir-crazy-ness, or something, because it was so. totally. boring and a complete waste of time, which I've already mentioned.

This entry is so not worth reading. I'm bored.

This is who I've always been. Reckless and imperfect, impulsive and thoughtless. Pain befalls others and it's not my fault. Ask my parents and they'll tell you that I've been selfish and self-absorbed ever since I was young. Nothing has changed much, has it? Nothing has changed much at all. Disgusting, really, the way I snap at the people that least deserve it, spitting on the hand that feeds.

I looked at myself in the mirror last night and the image repulsed me. What happened to me? Oh my god. I can't imagine going back to Taipei and being hit by another wave of "What happened to you? You're so skinny!" all over again. Except I guess the saving grace is that it'd be in Chinese then, but still - essentially it's the same thing and I'm getting really disgusted and disturbed by how things have turned out. I used to laugh about the whole shrinking boobs issue but seriously, I hate it. There's no other way to say it except I hate it. It's depressing, it's wrong, it's the worst negative externality/by-product ever. And yet, I don't want to put on any weight because everything goes to the tummy and the whole point to the whole dieting exercise was to lose the tummy.

Fuck, thinking about this pisses the shit out of me. Forget it.

Mag called me 'nazi' in Public Law and I actually answered. Haha. Tris wanted to know how to pronounce 'Wednesday'. Rui looked up the pronunciation on

The only good thing about dragging yourself out of bed for an entirely and irrevocably useless 9 a.m. lecture is the seeing friends talking and laughing thing we do after said lecture is over. That's it, I swear. Everything else is clutter and fluff.

I had this pretty-sounding line in my head and I was typing it halfway when someone's Sony Ericsson message tone rang like super loudly and distracted me and I promptly forgot the rest of it. Gah. Fuck.

Ohmygod it's only 1.32 p.m. I should've gone home, I think. But I like THW's lectures. They help me feel non-guilty in not reading my textbook.

I'm still so disgustingly lazy.

Okay, I think I'll go read some poetry.

Tags: angst, law school, personal

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