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(I was gonna do an edited to add on the previous entry but I decided Blake deserves an entry all to himself with the title of the entry in caps. Oh, yeah.)</p>

Considering I intend to attend Public Law at 9 a.m. later on today, I really ought to be sleeping. I intended to sleep an hour and a half ago but I played this song I downloaded from some musician dude's MySpace that Blake sang on and I just fell completely in love. OHMYGAD. I spent the last 90 minutes surfing Blake and I'm, like, soooo completely totally in lurve!!1!!!!11!oneone!!!

Anyway, this is a purely indulgent and rubbish entry so please ignore or put up with me or whatever. I did a few Bo Bice entries back in Season Whatever It Was so this is kind of standard behaviour for me. (Bo's album sucks, sad to say. Poppy, plain water-ish crap. Boo hoo.)

So Blake sang Keane's "Somewhere Only We Know" when the show started and I thought, Uh, okay, whatever. Wasn't impressed, didn't care. He did Jamiroquai's "Virtual Insanity" (which is such an old song! I actually remember watching the music video back in Geylang, like when I lived there, which was in primary school) which didn't make me care any more for him. He just this blond thing that did cool songs who wasn't exceptionally good-looking or anything, and Chris Sligh was still moderately funny and I thought he had the better voice, so Blake was just...there.

Then he did 311's All Mixed Up:

I FUCKING LOVED IT. I have like one 311 CD, Soundsystem, and the only song that I can still hear in my head from that CD is Freeze Time. Needless to say, 311 ain't my type of music. But it's still 311 and 311 is the anti-Idol and Blake did a 311 song and it was so kick ass. He brought something very different to the standard-issue Celine Whitney Stevie Whatever fare that I was quite sick of. Besides, All Mixed Up is just so groovable and his voice grows on you. And the beat-boxing totally rocks, too.

So I loved All Mixed Up and I started liking Blake but I still wasn't head over heels. The atrocity that was Diana Ross week happened, he did some DR song and remixed it and I thought it was cool.

But the definitive moment came a week later when he did Time of the Season by the Zombies ('twas British Invasion week. Gina butchered the Stones' Paint It Black and Sanjaya completely murdered The Kinks' You Really Got Me which I knew years ago as a Van Halen cover and it happened to be one cheesy, nonsensical rock song I like and...okay whatever who cares). That very first YouTube I posted was his incredibly, undeniably sexy performance but YouTube was anal and took it down. Fortunately, pirates never rest, so I found another one!

I honestly think my nose bled all over the place and I died and went to heaven when I watched that. I so. totally. loved. that sexy thing he did with his eyes when he sang, "What's your name? Who's your daddy?" I usually hate it when people say "who's your daddy", even on Veronica Mars, but Blake made it so sexy. Like, COMPLETELY SEXAY OH MY GOD. That was when I started finding him hot.

Because, you know, he isn't my type. I don't go for blondes. I like dark-haired men with dark eyes. And the whole blond Caucasian thing kinda got a bit old for me after I stopped being 12 (i.e. Nick Carter. Embarrassing but true). Leonardo DiCaprio is an exception but I like him for his acting, not his looks. Blake isn't drop-dead gorgeous; but his performance was steaming hot. And that performance made his hotness for me.

So yes, Blake Lewis is hot. I don't think he has the best voice evah and there are better singers than him on the show but he's a musician. I listen to musicians, not singers, which is why I don't like pop and never will again. And he brings this much-needed touch of currentness to an otherwise-boring American Idol, even when he's singing songs that are from the 60's. It's amazing, isn't it? I enjoy him because he's current, he's different, he isn't irritatingly poseur-rockish like Chris Daughtry was (speaking of - the little I've heard of his album? So not impressive. So generic, run-of-the-mill, latter-day "alternative rock" bullshit. Gag), he does interesting things, he isn't gimmicky, he can actually sing and I like his voice. Not the best voice ever but I like his voice. It sounds good on record as evidenced by that song I downloaded from some dude's MySpace. And the beat-boxing thing is cooool.

And of course, it helps that he's so cute. I am so hotlinking these pics but I don't care! I'm too lazy to upload to own imageshack account and whatever.

This is like MAJOR CUTENESS.



Ryan Seacrest looks old. Blake looks young and cute. I love his hair. I hope he never spikes it all the way up again 'cause that's really quite fug.

I hope he gets third place! American Idol shouldn't be allowed to shit all over his uh, I dunno, musical, like, creativity direction whatever, like what they did to Bo which was a complete travesty. Because Blake is so awesome OMG.

I'm not even thinking anymore. It's 3.14 a.m. I so don't wanna get up later for Public Law but ugh, I will anyway. Why do I bother? Very good question.

Lastly, just in case there are doubts, I love Blake Lewis.

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