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i don't know what to call this.

Aw, Twissssss wrote about Chloe and I on his blog. We're his new Thursday lunch buddies. So fun!11!1!! </p>

Conversely but along the same vein, he's my new Thursday lunch buddy. He's funny. The other day he cracked us up when he went on and on about how, in the spirit of the genesis of the new word 'fugly', people are adding 'f's in front of adjectives. I was clearing my plate and cleaning the table with a piece of tissue as I always do (I'm extremely anal about not leaving behind a dirtied table and I make it a point to clean the table after I'm done. Ironically, I never wipe the table at home) and I used that piece of tissue to pick up my plate 'cause it was dirty and I didn't wanna dirty my hand. Twiisss went, "You're fdainty."

Like, "fff-dainty." HAHAHA. His gay impressions are hilarious albeit slightly worrying. I didn't know him well at all this time last year and I had a bad impression of him when school first started but things chugged along and now things are all well and good. Yayness.


I had a bit too much to drink last night at the Law Frat concert. My alcohol tolerance level is extremely low, which figures considering I only started drinking, like, last November and I don't drink very often. So after half a cup of beer last night I felt myself getting high. It was um, weird/funny/embarrassing, depending on who you're asking. A while later the high-ness started to wear off and I wanted it back so I got myself a cup of white wine (for $5 - fuuuck and it wasn't even good), after which I got a bottle of Heineken which I shared with Rui and Agatha, and after that I knew I'd seriously reached my limit. I was tipsy and I wanted to cut out of there immediately before anything super embarrassing happens that I'd regret for the rest of my life so I split and I walked down the slope to the bus stop and I felt like walking some more so I walked all the way to the next bus stop where I let two 171's and one 67 pass me by because they were packed and I felt that I really had to sit.

If I'd gone on with the booze, I think I would've got wasted. But there was no way in hell I was going to get drunk in law school, of all places, so there you go.

Anyway, the concert was fun. I attended a social event, oh my god. It was fun seeing people all red-faced, especially people you know, regularly talk to, and work on LCS with. HAHAHA. (Those who are in the know should more or less pick up on who I'm talking about.) Rui and I were going crazy for a bit, lots of laughter and hysterics. Fun times.

I talked to people I normally wouldn't talk to, not because I don't like them, but because I'm generally socially-awkward and thus inhibited when it comes to talking to people I don't know very well. I realised, very clearly, last night that this whole alcohol thing is kind of addictive. Once you're high, you just want to keep going, probably until you're puking all over your shoes and your friends are holding your hair back for you. That was kind of how it felt. It helps/makes/causes/whichever you to lose control/to become uninhibited in a way you can't ever be when you're sober. And that's good and bad, I guess, mostly bad maybe, I don't know.

The bad? Drunken sex/making out with random people is not a good idea under all circumstances. Therefore, once you feel like you're about to cross over to that territory, just stop chugging the booze. Honestly.

Kel K's jazz band was good. EIC (examination-in-chief - bwahaha) was pretty good too. Music was dope, yeah, kinda.

The campus is pretty at night.

And Mag and I talked to the Dean, who is awesome as always.


This morning I woke up at 8 to go for SAWL's tea reception with Rui. After that we sat at Gloria Jean's Raffles City and had shit-assed coffee and mediocre chocolate cake that I couldn't finish, coupled with awesome conversation that oscillated between soul-baring and bitchy. Hahaha! We should do this more often. We should totally get all high and drunk one day after the exams. So exciting!!1!11!!

When we were at Raffles Place MRT station some fat, balding and old ang moh man was incessantly and blatantly and unabashedly and shamelessly checking me out. I didn't even notice until Rui told me. I turned around and indeed he was looking straight at me and he caught my eye and actually looked like he expected me to go over and talk to him. Like what the fuck. I think I'd rather go out with an ah beng than some old man who's balding and fat and NOT GOOD-LOOKING. The whole encounter creeped me out, pure and simple.


Driving yesterday was great. I got the nice, chatty instructor who gave me an update on his love life which is pretty messy, to say the least. After a while we ran out of things to say, sadly, but nevertheless, the test routes were FUN! Like wow. I hope I don't get the Teck Whye slope-y routes when I take my test. Stopping on slopes freak me out.

It started pouring after a while, when I was going at 70 along Bukit Batok road or whatever it is. That was my first time driving in such a huge-ass downpour and surprisingly, I didn't freak or even panic in the least bit. I just did the usual gear changing thingy and got off the 70 road into the 50 (I think? I don't know what the speed limit is on normal roads. I might've been going over 50) and it was all good. I hate circuit stuff though and I still can't parallel park (I knocked down the FRONT POLE oh my god how embarrassing). I hazed through the s-course, had no bloody idea what I was doing, and it was actually good. Like, I didn't mount any curbs unlike the last time I s-coursed (mounted the curb twice). I still hate the courses but the crank course is a lot easier than I remember it to be.

I hate circuit.

I hate reversing. Honestly. And I hate parallel parking. Bleah.

I am so going to fail my driving test.


The right side of my gum is hurting again. If the wisdom teeth is growing wonkily, I will so murder something.

I miss the taste of a pina colada.

I hate Negotiations.

I fucking hate Public Law. Reading Foskett v McKeown is preferable to reading anything PL-related. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I dare say, even, that it's worse than Company.

Don't care enough to explain. Whatever. I can't wait for this screwed up semester to end.

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