anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

take my picture 'cause i won't remember.



Look at what Rui made for me!

Isn't it nice! I don't know where that picture of me is from though, and Rui was all, "I have my sources :P" when I told her that. Haha. It's currently my MSN display pic which is quite wasted seeing as I hardly-to-never go on MSN. In fact, I only go on MSN to talk to Rui. Otherwise, it's a bloody waste of time activity.

(I wanted to hotlink 'cause I was too lazy to upload but I decided that was too evil and what if it doesn't show? It's always safer to upload pictures to own server. Even if I don't technically own the server. Whatever.)


What's with this whole blogging thing, right? Yeah, tell me about it. It started off as a curiosity six years ago, became a habit, gradually evolved into an addiction, and it has since tempered down to a cross between an obligation and an uncontrollable spasm. It's the reason I can't write real entries in my diary anymore. It's a major part of my life and of who I am. It's also completely meaningless.

Like, yeah. I just want to be read. But most of the time it's simply too little, too superficial, too pointless.

I think this is the first time, truly the first time, in my life that I really have no idea what I'm doing.


So I had driving today and it was 9.50 a.m. and I was half-asleep. I wore a low-cut top 'cause I had nothing to wear and I wish I hadn't noticed the instructor looking down my shirt. It'd be okay if, you know, it were my driving test but it wasn't and I still have to see this instructor and he's generally nice but I'm always creeped out when men appear sexually attracted to me 'cause I think it's gross and demeaning so yeah, that sucked.

I had lunch at Fish and Co with my mom after, where I finished all but four of my fries. We should've left earlier; I just sat there and ate up the bloody fries. How disgusting. But they were yummy.

There were boiled mushrooms and some green-ish vegetable and chopped carrots on the side. I finished the mushrooms and didn't touch the rest of it. I hate carrots. I'd much rather kiss the ugliest guy ever than to eat a carrot. Seriously.

So, I can't continue with this entry anymore. I have nothing politically correct, coherent, and public to say.

Fuck it.


Oh yeah, there's school tomorrow. I spent my whole day reading two pages of PSC v. Linda Lai. I'm a genius.

Just kill me.

Tags: driving, food, friends, law school, writing

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