anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i shouldn't be surprised anymore.

Went to school for LCS discussion at 10 in the morning. Um, I was 25 minutes late because I woke up at 9.45. Um, oops. </p>

Discussion ended fifteen minutes past one. Mag, Mau and I walked out and we all went, "I Hate LCS." Five minutes after settling down and scrolling through the instructions, there were at least three of us (out of six, so that's 50% - brilliant Math, Yelen) who were all ready to kill LLT. Because, seriously, it's really easier for everyone if you put all your instructions in one document and make your instructions so clear and unambiguous that we don't spend fifteen minutes analysing the instructions and interpreting what you're attempting to instruct.

I guess the bright side was, for once I actually understood what was going on. Like. Wow.

I really fucking hate LCS. The stupid Negotiations test is about 0.8 credit (is something below one singular or plural?) and there's like, so much work to do. LCS is a four-credit module and I have two eight-credit modules, both of which I'm completely clueless about, and it's about two and a half weeks to the exams and here I am still, trying to get the stupid four-credit out of the way, trying to attempt to salvage 0.8 credit?! Um, yeah, okay.

Public Law is this close to being DNR (do not resuscitate). Or maybe Public Law is DOA (dead on arrival). Trusts is slightly better, but it's still pretty dead. The only good thing about Trusts is that the course convenor is my tutor so I can kind of guess what he's going to set. Yeah. That's about it.

So I went for the auto car lesson and the instructor was flirting with me. I don't know what to do when nice chaps flirt with me because, you know, they're nice so I don't feel inclined to be bitchy, but on the other hand, such flirting makes me very uncomfortable, especially when I'm dressed all drab and my hair's in a mess and I feel funny because I just do.

I think you need to be in the right mood to do the whole attracting guys thing. The thing is, half the time when I'm attracting members of the opposite sex, it's pretty much the last thing on my mind. And said members of the opposite sex? Completely ineligible and sometimes married. It's just damn weird. And when I do want to attract, wait, then again, I hardly ever/never want to attract guys.

Bleah, whatever. What's the point, right?

Anyway, the instructor surprised me by asking, "Do you want to drive back to Hillview later?" I was like, "How do you know I live at Hillview?" I thought maybe it was written on the reporting slip thingy but I don't recall ever seeing my address reflected on the slip. He went, "You have the Hillview face."

"What's a Hillview face?"

"Rich man's daughter face."

Um. Right. My dad is like, so not rich. So I drove back to my condo and that was when he made that blatant flirty remark, like, "If I were a degree holder I'd go after you." (Correct grammar courtesy of me. Duh.) I was quite glad I was home already so I laughed, like, ha ha!, got out of the car and said the usual goodbyes, et cetera.

It's true what they say: All men can think about is sex.

I know the whole thing was harmless and fun and whatever but whenever things like that happen, I just feel extremely uncomfortable. I mean, what's my response supposed to be? I can't exactly flirt back because I don't want to. I can't tell him off 'cause that's overreacting and a bit stupid and it'd make the atmosphere all awkward and I hate confrontations. So all I can do is to sit uncomfortably and laugh awkwardly and that really sucks.

Okay, I need to think about what I feel like eating for dinner 'cause my mom wants to da pao and I have no idea what I feel like eating so I need to concentrate and channel all my brain power to thinking about what I want to eat, and there's Trusts tutorial tomorrow and I've read like three pages of Pearce and Stevens on Tracing. ARGH. I'm so incredibly lazy. I'm not applying myself at all.

Fuck I hate this semester. Boooooo.

Tags: driving, guys, law school

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