anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

my most amazing talent. like, ever.

It's 1.01 a.m. and I haven't started on my tracing tutorial. I haven't read the questions and when I saw they are two pages long and that the second question is super long, I wanted to die.</p>

Anyway, American Idol was super boring. The genre of music (swing jazzy thingy) isn't up my alley. And Blake was first so the rest of it was pretty boring. He should get the pimp spot soon; he's never gone last before. He did his sexy dance thing and the singing was actually tons better than the previous week so he's all cute and charming and mine. Yum.

Apart from that, I would like to announce to the world at large a sudden realisation I made: I have this amazing memory. Seriously. You know how people have planners and diaries and whatever? I have it too - it's all in my head. I got my timetable beginning of the semester and a day later it was committed to memory. I even remember my friends' schedules, i.e., if you tell me that you're doing this thing on this day, I will remember it. When I was going out with Clarence a couple of years back, I remembered his timetable way better than he did. I find it really inexplicable how people can do the same thing on this day every day for 13 weeks and forget what time they're supposed to show up for it. I also find it really cumbersome to carry around a planner thing and write down my commitments when I can just remember them.

So, the conclusion? I have this really cool talent, right? And, like, when people have a talent, they would want to like, utilise it, right? So you know what's a totally cool career alternative for me? PERSONAL ASSISTANT! OH MY GOD, HOW AWESOME!!!1!11!11

Yeah, okay. Seriously, I wouldn't mind being PA to like, Joaquin Phoenix. He'd fall in love with me and we'd have hot sex every day. HOW AWESOME OMG!!!1!!!!11!1

I have "Don't Cha" stuck in my head. I hate it when I have hateful songs stuck in my head. Such hateful songs should cease to exist and future hateful songs should not be recorded and played everywhere. It's a freaking pain in the ass.

Speaking of ass, oh my god I swear Simon will kill me with his puns one day. Check out his comment in my previous entry. ARGH. I wonder how I've managed to put up with his painful puns - and it even alliterates - for, like, almost three years now?

But then again, considering Mag is my friend...well.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. I still love her! Like totally.

In other news, I got an A- for the Equity assignment. So totally awesome.

Tags: american idol, friends, joaquin phoenix, random

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