anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

how i spent my friday. (boring.)

I spent my entire Friday watching Grey's Anatomy episodes that I've watched before, aimlessly surfing the net, and reading about half a page of liability of strangers to a trust. And I was supposed to do at least half of the topic. Right. </p>

Inertia has taken root in my heart a long, long time ago.

Okay, weird-ass dream time:

So I had this strange and convoluted dream, most of which I forgot the minute I woke up. I remember two scenarios pretty distinctly but one of them is pretty private and concerns other people so I'll just talk about the other one, which is quite retarded.

Basically, I dreamt that Blake Lewis got voted off American Idol sometime during Top 7 week. It happened like a spoiler so while watching the results show for that week, I knew that he'd be voted off, and I was so sad.

And um, yes, that's about it.

I am really quite screwed for the exams, am I not? It's about opportunity cost once more - meaning, when I'm utterly desperate, backed into a corner with nowhere to turn, it's about opportunity cost. I have to give up something in order to make the best of something else.

Public Law, be gone.

I've always thought that Public Law would be up my alley. Maybe it would've been if this year had started out differently; but as it stands now, after doing 99% of the course, I absolutely hate it and I find it meaningless. Trusts, on the other hand, is the kind of module I take a glance at and dismiss automatically; but as it stands now, it might be the eight-credit module to pull up my crappy degree. It's the first time I truly feel intellectually-challenged by a law module. I don't know why it is; it's just the way it is.

Truth be told though? It isn't really the subject and its contents; it's the tutor. I adore my Trusts tutor and think that my Pub Law tutor is quite (being polite here) ineffectual. So, yes, I think Mag was right about this.

How sad. I'm making excuses. Bleah, whatever, it is what it is so just move on.

Someone told me that I should aim higher after that A- and I agree. I just need to start doing something about it. But inertia as deeply-rooted as mine is extremely hard to get past. And I'm just making excuses again.

I have to stop making excuses for my...I don't know. Lousy-ass attitude. Under-achieving...ness. Whatever. Argh. Stressful. This entry is super badly-written.

We're meeting tomorrow at 10 a.m. in school for LCS. Have I mentioned already how much I hate LCS? Because I do. With all my heart and soul. It's the worst four-credit module ever. Seriously, I can't believe they wasted a four-credit on something so utterly pointless. I used to really like the four-credit modules 'cause they - except Legal Writing which was more or less as shit as LCS - were all fluffy, pointless stuff which I totally loved.

What can I say? I'm weird. Still an Arts student at heart. And Mag still owes me photos from last year!

I ate four Pepperidge Farm dark chocolate brownie cookies yesterday. I finished one packet of Gardenia raisin buns today. I swam 16 short laps this afternoon and now I'm totally tired.

Ugh. This semester really couldn't end any faster.

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