anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

In a better mood.

Very tired, but happy and in love. :)


Yeah so I'm totally going to have a really bad day at work tomorrow. Haven't tied up a research point that I suspect my boss pulled out of thin air - couldn't find anything on Lawnet. Senior associate will be back from leave, and the Defendant's closing submission is in. Took a look at it and I can already imagine the amount of research I'm gonna have to do.


Next week is going to be utter. absolute. hell.

Looking forward to Chinese New Year though. I have to go shopping for new clothes - once I find the damn time.

I only have six hundred dollars in my bank account. I have no idea where my money has gone to - that is, apart from the $314 I spent on awesome new tennis clothes. YAY!

Okay, in my defence, I only buy when the stuff is on sale. And I wait DAMN long for the clothes to go on sale; otherwise, it's too expensive. Like I really want the Maria Sharapova top and skirt, but the two combined is 130. US dollars. That's a bit expensive, to say the least. So I'm waiting for the next season so that the current season's stuff will be cheaper.

Actually it doesn't make sense that I have a quarter of my closet space dedicated to tennis clothes cos I'm not even that good to begin with. BUT IT MAKES ME HAPPY. SO I'LL FREAKING TAKE IT.

Okay sleep time!

Tags: chinese new year, love, pupillage, tennis outfits

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