anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

when the stars go blue.

Incredibly, irrevocably screwed for the exams.

Damn me and my stupid heart.


So, Wednesday nights rock because of American Idol and American Idol rocks because of Blake Lewis <3. He's sooooo cute, oh my god.

Seriously though, I wasn't super crazy about his rendition of Tim McGraw's cover of Ryan Adams' When the Stars Go Blue. I liked the falsetto but the first chorus he did was uh, out of tune in parts. And I think his power notes don't really carry much weight; they kind of grate the ears, actually.

Damn, I miss the beat-boxing. And I don't even like beat-boxing. I still think his performance of 311's All Mixed Up and The Zombies' Time of the Season are his best.

Anyway, I TOTALLY LOVE TIM MCGRAW'S VERSION OF 'WHEN THE STARS GO BLUE'. It's so pretty. I love it. I'd die if a hot guy sang that to me. (I tried finding legal download sources because the illegal ones are too troublesome but stupid Soundbuzz doesn't have any Tim McGraw and Sony's online music store 'isn't available in your region'. THIS is exactly why people resort to illegal downloading. Dumbasses.)

So I pretty much died when Blake sang it, despite the pitch problems. Bwahaha.


I can only study at night. Even then, I get a bit agitated when my dad wakes up at odd hours of the night - like right now and it's 2.38 a.m. - and disturbs the peace.

I can't believe how freaking long the bloody Constructive Trusts chapter in Pearce and Stevens is.

I AM SO DEAD. I just want to die.

I feel like how I felt during the A Levels. You know, that bitchy, self-centred person I was: Overly possessive of my time, don't give a shit about others, supremely irritated when people bug me. Ugh. I'm a horrible, reprehensible, disgusting excuse for a human being.

I'm quite sick of a lot of things. I'm really tired of most things. I just want everything to end.

Shit, I need to go to school and print my notes. WHAT A PAIN IN THE ASS.

I'M IRRITATED. This entry sucks.

Okay, so just think about Blake and his sexiness and um, I don't know, things would seem less sucky?

Yeah right.

Seriously - whatever.

I didn't understand THW's case note on Foskett v McKeown at all.

Random: The cunning linguist/cunninlingus (I can't spell) pun is so overused and thus retarded.

Lastly, I think I am officially an outed Grey's Anatomy fan. I can't believe I just admitted to that. Oh my god. Kill me. Please.


Edited to add at 5.28 a.m.:

It's 5 in the morning and someone just tried to fax something to my house. What the fuck? Too bad the fax machine isn't switched on; I'd like to know what it is. Oh well.

Also, being a trustee totally sucks. I wonder why anyone would want to do it. Being a constructive trustee sucks more but I guess one deserves it for being an ass.

I discovered that Pearce and Stevens' chapter on Constructive Trusts does not correspond at all to THW's syllabus and so I'm not reading it. This means I'm screwed; I'm relying solely on the notes I took down during his lecture. Wahoo.

I should sleep, right? It's 5.30. But I don't feel like sleeping. Hmm.

Tags: american idol, angst, blake lewis, exams, law school

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