anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

a major sigh.

It's dark now, like early evening crossing over to late, or that one hour at dawn when it's slowly, lazily becoming bright. It's raining, there's thunder and lightning, and the dark sky and the weather and the blinkered view of the top of trees from my bedroom window - all of this couldn't be more perfect.

Have I mentioned I love rainy days? Because I do. Especially days when it's dark as hell everywhere.

Of course, the downside to the super perfect weather is, I feel like sleeping. In fact, I think I'm going to sleep after this entry. I really should be studying for Public Law, considering I haven't done jack save for Freedom of Religion and even that is incomplete. But - I'm just SO. DAMN. TIRED. The migraine's back, waking up at 7.30 a.m. this morning for the Equity paper wasn't fun at all, I wanted to die halfway through the paper 'cause I was so tired, and when the paper ended I honestly felt like I didn't have the strength/energy to walk down the stairs to the canteen to meet the friends.

I was all chipper and shit last night before I slept, and I slept without reading through my notes. In fact, I only managed to read my Liability of Strangers to a Trust notes; everything else was white, unhighlightened, in pristine condition like it's just come out of the printer. Which is true for half of them.

Evidently, I'm quite doomed. The paper was a huge let-down. I don't know what happened to my brain in there; I just shut down and went on auto-pilot and I honestly had no idea why I did what I did - spend three pages writing about charities when it was half of a quarter of one question, AND when I didn't even freaking study for charities. I wrote a grand total of one sentence for the tracing issue for the third question and it was a statement of the obvious: "A can use equitable tracing rules because he and J are in a fiduciary relationship." How brilliant am I, right?

So close and yet, still so far. I hate this. I wish I had a brain. *does Mel's new patented hair-twirling action, then Rui's hair-twirling bimbo impersonation*

Anyway, it wasn't that big of a deal today. I'm sure I'll get over it in due time. 'Sides, what's done is done; no point looking back and wishing I could fix things. So uh, I dunno, strive to like, look ahead, and stuff.


I received my King Lear ticket OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!1 i'M SO EXCITED OMG!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!!1 sO EXCITED THAT i HAVE FORGOTTEN HOW TO TYPE PROPERLY!1!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111!!

Downside? I'm watching it by myself. Boo. One of the many drawbacks of not having a boyfriend is that you can't force your friends to spend $200 on a play, RSC it may be. At least with a boyfriend it's kind of like, his, like, fiduciary duty to like, accompany you to a $200-play, even if he might hate Shakespeare. Friends don't owe such fiduciary duties to each other; I know I won't do it for a friend.

Then again, if I'm dating a guy who hates Shakespeare, I won't ask him to fork out $200 for King Lear, either.

Okay, headache's getting worse, entry ain't making sense, I want to sleep.

Tags: exams, law school, random

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