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uh, yeah.

It's 3.54 a.m. and I JUST finished Freedom of Speech, etc, and barely at that: I skimmed through Francis Seow's article 'cause it was the last in the stack and I couldn't take it anymore, I skimmed through the extract from LKY's memoirs because it was LKY's memoirs, and I read only the headnotes for JBJ v LKY because it was an ex-CJ judgment that dealt with alleged defamation by JBJand we all know what it's gonna say before even reading it so why waste my time reading the long-ass case when it won't say anything new, so just read headnotes lor. Even then I only skimmed through it.

I spent ten million years reading Attonery-General v. Wain because I was distracted by Facebook. But it was worth reading. It was highly interesting and amusing. These constitutional law cases are all highly interesting and amusing (barring those written by the ex-CJ 'cause they all say the same thing).

I'm honestly reading everything for the first time. I blew off the module the entire semester and so I'm cramming everything in like, four days. Brilliant me. Ugh, kill me please.

Freedom of speech was riveting and I say this without sarcasm. I think Arun chose really good materials, especially that extract from Chris Lydgate's book about JBJ. It was DAMN SAD. I swear, I almost cried when I got to the end of it. Poor JBJ, really.

Okay, I'm not going to say anything about the government and free speech 'cause it's gonna take me forever and I really need to read my Article 12 equal protection stuff, so um, yeah, I just wanted to say that I'm super screwed for Friday's paper.

Thank you and good night.

Tags: exams, human rights, law, law school, singapore

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