anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

bizarro twilight zone, take two.

Something really bizarre happened yesterday.

(For those not in the know, I started my internship yesterday.)

I was going back to the office after lunching with Rui and N, whom we ran into on our way to lunch. So I was in the lift and I suddenly remembered that I had to press the lift button to get to the floor I was supposed to get to (I kind of momentarily forgot; it was a rather strange day overall yesterday). My hand reached for a number and was about to press it when I remembered it was another number.

Behind me, this man went, "[Insert first number]?"

I said, "Uh, no, [insert second number]."

I think he pressed it for me; I can't remember. Anyway, I thought that was that, I saw him looking at me and I smiled politely, then out of nowhere he asked me if I was working at a law firm. I was like, "Yeah, I'm interning."

Man: How long have you been working?
Me: Oh, it's my first day.
Man (looking strangely and overly pleased, with some hint of an ulterior motive): Oh, really! (Cue laughter that matched expression on face)
Me: Uh, yeah. (Insert Polite Smile, Take Two)

The lift stopped at my floor, the doors opened, I stepped out. But that wasn't the end of it.

Man: Do you want to have lunch?


I was stunned. I didn't know what to say, so I said, "Oh, I just had lunch."

He went, "Not today. Some other time."

Here comes the part where I bloody want to kill myself: I said, "Um, okay."


Seriously. And why was it superbly what the fuck-ish?

Because he was like, this old dude. He looked old enough to be my dad. It was only after I did what I did that I realised what I did - again. One would think that I would have learned my lesson after this horrendous experience, but apparently not, because I'm an idiot. I do stupid things when I'm stunned, or shocked, or taken aback, or all of the above. Seriously.

And you know what else really sucks? The first person to hit on me in a really long time turned out to be an old dude. I like older men but not so much old men.

Okay, I wouldn't mind dating a man in his forties, but he has to be good-looking and he shouldn't look old. I mean...yeah. It's just the principle of things, you know?

So, yeah, I don't know. I have no idea who he is. I don't even know if he works at the firm - probably not 'cause he didn't get out at the same floor as me and the lift was going down so...yeah.

Talk about bizarre, right?

Seriously, I am giving up all hope on my pathetic love life. Enough is enough. Screw it all. I'm going to start dating a different guy every week, provided I can find enough guys to date every week. I'm never getting married, I'm never doing a relationship ever again, I'm never having sex, I don't even give a shit anymore. Everything sucks and I'm tired of it all.

I honestly think that most guys are insensitive and thoughtless, and the ones that aren't are either gay or attached, or they're too good friends for you to start anything with them. Which sucks like nobody's business. And I'm one of those retarded people who can't date nice guys. Niceness turns me off. I don't freaking know why. If a guy is too nice to me I'd think he's a wimp. There's something really wrong with that and that should explain why my love life is the way it is, but yeah. I mean, I'm not saying that I'm attracted to jerks, or that I date assholes, but I'm just saying that the typical Nice Guy type - pays for everything, calls you all the time, makes plans with you way in advance, genuinely likes you and would take a bullet for you, has absolutely no issues with you, would honestly do anything for you, would drop everything, his friends included, to be with you with a snap of your fingers - is a serious turn-off. It bores me after a while.

Ugh. Who even cares? There are certainly more important things in life to worry about. Like...I don't know. What I'm going to wear. Or something.

Anyway, enough about that.

And uh. I don't have anything else to say. It hasn't been a good day today. Yesterday was good though, the bizarre incident notwithstanding. Here's hoping tomorrow would be better.

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