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Too lazy to think of a title.

For some inexplicable reason which can mostly be explained by laziness, I decided not to have proper food after playing tennis with Jay from 6.30pm to 8pm. All I had were two bananas and six cherry tomatoes and now I am feeling really hungry. I'm really not too smart, am I?

It took me quite some time to get into a sort of rhythm which was possibly because of my new strings. This was despite the fact that I'd used those strings before, a couple of years ago; but it'd been a while. I didn't play that well today. It was very hard to get the backhand going, and that's always the litmus test for how well I think I played. There was also a group of annoying guys and one girl sitting on the grass behind us and they were drinking and being obnoxious, making stupid faux-grunting sounds when I hit the ball, and making stupid remarks at Jay. Whenever I come across these people (you know, youngish, in a group, drinking beer, sitting on the grass, talking loudly, swearing a lot), I always wonder if they're Cambridge students, or students of the other university in Cambridge (the Cambridge train station proudly announces to arrivees that Cambridge is the 'Home of Anglia Ruskin University'), or townies. I would say that they can't be students of the University of Cambridge, but the drinking culture amongst the undergrads is out of control, so it is entirely plausible that those people were Cambridge students. More importantly, there is no obvious reason why Cambridge students are necessarily different, or less obnoxious, than non-Cambridge students. The only thing that pointed away from those annoying people from being Cambridge students is that they looked too old to be undergrads.

Anyway. Martin and Kennedy were also there and as always, they were awesome. Martin took a look at my racquet and informed me that my strings suck. Thanks for that; it's too late to do anything about it now, except wait for them to snap (which will probably happen in two to three months, which was how long those strings lasted the last time I used them). Later, when we'd finish, Jay's girlfriend came to the park and we talked a bit. She's really bubbly and nice. They are really cute together.


I did fuck-all the whole afternoon. Oh sure, I read a few pages of The New Golden Rule, but that's insignificant. I wanted to read; I really did. I was just so distracted and mentally burdened by the lack of news from NUS that I wasted time trying to search for information online. This is really causing some very real distress. It's the first thing that I think of when I wake up in the morning, and I check my email obsessively for news. It is always to no avail. I think I'll email them tonight and ask what's up.

At this rate, I just want to know if I got it or not. I am preparing for bad news, and if they decided not to give me the scholarship, there's no clear reason why it should take them more than two months since the interview to reject my application. I want to just bite the bullet and get this out of the way, remove the burden from my mind, and move on with my life. This has got me down way too many times, and disproportionately so, over the past few weeks. The thing is, it would be nice to have the money and the job security, but even without it - especially the latter - it will be okay. I can forge my own path. I've made it too far to stumble just because of the non-award of a scholarship.


On a cheerier note, Dominic and I are going to Prague on Saturday! The flight is bloody early (7-ish in the morning) and I have to get up at 2 to get to the train station at 3, and I am really not looking forward to this early journey and getting zero sleep, but I am so looking forward to the city! I love cities where there is a mix of Really Old and Really New. Prague has medieval influences, modern influences, and communist influences. It's going to be awesome. It's reminding me of Berlin already, and I am still very much in love with Berlin.
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