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Blake Lewis - Love of my Life

I'm so upset. It just hit me that tonight was pretty much the last time I'd ever see Blake. Oh my god!!!!!! That is SO TRAGIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! </p>

Okay, so the stupid Idol song sucked even more than the previous years' (uh, actually, I liked Fantasia's I Believe. No wait, I really liked it. Okay, I loved it) and I have this sneaking suspicion that the producers hired the "winners" to write the shit-ass song and made up the whole competition thing. It sounded just like all the other cookie cutter songs churned out by the Idol machine - fucking boring. Blake totally sucked singing it and he looked so bummed afterwards and it totally broke my heart. But the song was bad, the style didn't suit him, and he made it worse. I did like the last couple of lines though but overall...just bleah.

When he started off with fucking Maroon 5's She Will Be Loved (which is overplayed like you wouldn't believe and I think Maroon 5 sucks) in that key he started off with, I was SO DAMN AFRAID he'd go out of tune at the high "will" - BUT HE DIDN'T! Haha. I think he did it really well but yeah I was surprised he chose such a dull song for the finals. Sad. He should've done something sexy along the lines of Time of the Season, really. Or more beat-boxing. I mean, since he had to sing that mess of a song for the stupid-ass finale, might as well have done another fast number, right? Oh well.

And so we get to the song he started off with. The first song he sang. Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name, Blaked like you wouldn't believe.

This is the part that upsets me the most: I MISSED THE VERY FIRST SOUND THAT CAME OUT OF HIS MOUTH. I was supposed to watch the show in my parents' room but my dad went in to sleep during the commercial break and I had no space to sit (the bed was occupied by THREE people) so I went to the living room but took forever to turn on the TV and when it was on Blake had already started. HOW UPSETTING. I couldn't get into it because it wasn't complete! And I've been listening to the mp3 of the first version on the train en route to work over the past few days.

Sigh. Actually I thought he was out of tune but yeah. And I thought the first time he did it was better. It's always tricky, though, when you repeat a performance that pretty much cemented you as a formidable competition in the eyes of...well, everyone. Comparisons are inevitable and I have watched his first performance of the song over ten million times, a second out of sync though the download was, and so in my head I was trying to match the second one to the first.

I STILL LOVE BLAKE LEWIS. I'm still upset that I missed the first second of his You Give Love a Bad Name.

I just thought it was so heart-meltingly adorable when he was done with the fucking retarded Idol song (what kind of a song title is This Is My Now? Cheesy much?) and Ryan was talking to him and asking him how he felt and he looked like he wanted to say something but bit it back. It was so cute. I'm sooooo totally in love with Blake. We should, like, so totally get married. NOW.

Anyway, Blake isn't going to win and I wish he'd been voted off in LaKisha's place (hence making him 3rd runner-up, like Chris Daughtry. But I don't care for Chris Daughtry) because watching him cringe through the craptastic Idol "song" was quite painful, but being stupid as I am, I hope he wins lahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean he's BLAKE like he's...BLAKE! I don't know, I actually don't think he's exceptionally good-looking, but there's something so endearing about him and his good performances are all so squeal-worthy (yes, I squeal at my TV, oh my god I'm so embarrassing) and I so totally love playing This Is Where I Came In (a performance which Simon called 'tuneless' which is like what the fuck? because I love it) over and over on my mp3 player while going to work. Arghhhh! His thread on Television Without Pity has over 370 pages - the most amongst all the S6 contestants. Not that it proves anything; I'm just saying, just rambling.

Sigh. I'm still sad that this was pretty much it. And I'm still upset that I missed the first second of You Give Love a Bad Name. And the more I think about the travesty that was the Idol song, the more upset I feel because yeah it was painful, for him (obviously) and for me. It was just awful, awful, awful.

Even Jordin didn't manage to make that song sound halfway listenable. But who cares about Jordin.

I'm upset that Blake Lewis' first single ever is a piece of shit called This Is My Now. I can't decide if it's more laughable and shamelessly sentimental than Inside Your Heaven. The only thing that can save the situation? Blake remixing the song like crazy, re-writing the lyrics (worst lyrics ever) and making the song completely unrecognisable. Which is like, not even remotely possible.

Assuming, that is, that they still make the runner-up release the shit-ass Idol song as the first single. I hope, for the love of my sanity, that Blake wouldn't have to go through what poor Bo went through.

I HATE IT when I get all invested in some American Idol contestant and he makes it to the finals and he doesn't win and I'm sitting in front of my TV, all sad because the winner is swimming in confetti and the camera is trained on her and the guy I'm really watching the show for doesn't have the camera on him. So sad. It's like Bo/Carrie again. How sad. But I like Blake more than I liked Bo so this is sadder. And simultaneously he shouldn't win for obvious reasons and yet, and yet.

I hate this show.

I love Blake Lewis. Love, love, LOVE.


This is probably one of my most bimbotic entries ever. I'd write more, but the title is called Blake Lewis - Love of my Life, and he deserves the spotlight or whatever so I'll just say this again:

I love Blake Lewis.

Have I mentioned this? I love Blake Lewis.

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