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rut no more, kind of.

I know I said I'd sleep until 2 but I found myself awake at 8.30 a.m. thinking about the results and subsequently found myself dreaming of my results. I saw 2 C's and I freaked out and at 11.25 a.m. I decidedly dragged myself out of bed, switched on my laptop, and checked.

They neither made me sad nor happy, just slightly disappointed, a bit amazed, and mostly upbeat about the next two years ahead. Like, yeah, I think Sir Jack Pitman, despite all his pretentious posturings, was right: You do it by doing it. So just start doing it lor.

LCS: C+ (what the fuck? Worst four-credit module ever, along with LAWR II)
Equity: B (quite sad lah)
Public Law: B-

LCS was dead to me and it remains dead to me so I don't care that much about it, but the other two? I know I wasn't working towards the grades I got when I started working, like, a couple of weeks prior to the papers. And yet, it was a couple of weeks prior to the papers, after one entire semester of doing absolutely nothing. And I pretty much know what did me in for both papers - my Admin Law question was a joke and I failed to addres one whole issue, and it was a big issue, for Equity. Oh, and as usual, the brain blanked on me when that should be the last thing it should do and so I still maintain I can't do exams. But that aside, all things considered - the bad start to the semester, how the bad start continued throughout the semester, the way I blew off school for almost the entire semester - it could've been much better, but it also could've been worse. Most importantly, things are starting to look up already, so I'm not going to be upset at all over not getting what I wanted.

And uh...shit, I forgot what else I wanted to say.

Oh yes. Okay, shoot me for this, but it drives me absolutely crazy to know that many other people did better than me when I know I'm not less capable than them. Kind of like how I felt in JC, being stuck in Jurong Junior, knowing that I was better than what my circumstances and O Level results implied. So, I suppose, to some extent, I've regained some of the drive and fight I had when I was 18.

And that can only be a good thing.

Next thing to do: Suss out all modules that have something like 100% take home paper and like 50% assignment or whatever and take those modules. Haha. Even 50% class participation (Islamic Law - OMG!) because I need to start talking, for obvious reasons.

But I feel lazy right now and I want to spend my whole day doing absolutely nothing. And bloody BBDC is driving me nuts because I tried to book my re-test and it's A HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FOUR DOLALRS BETTER SPENT ON CLOTHES and I only have a hundred left in my account. Emergency called my mom three times until she picked up and asked her to go to the centre and top up my account for me. I can't even remember if she needs my IC for it so I hope she doesn't because if it turns out that she does, it means she wasted one trip driving there, which means she'll come back and have a go at me for it. Great. I don't understand why taking one's driving test requires a hundred and fifty-four dollars. Bloody leechers.


Anyway, this is what I did last night:

Fun fun fun. Free flow of drinks for $15. I had the most vodka and bourbon mixes in my life, ever. Two bourbon cokes, one vodka lime, one vodka orange, and one vodka cranberry. And bad music and people I knew and people I didn't know, and randomly talking to people I didn't know, and talking to people I knew, and having random people I didn't know randomly talking to me.

It was fun. And an event that occurred which would have been a downer wasn't a downer after all; in fact, I found myself not being too bothered by it at all. After the free flow ended at ten-plus everyone got up to leave, and whilst attempting to leave I found myself blindsided by a companion of Boss As' (who was there, obviously, and we talked a bit which was good). The said companion seemed slightly tipsy and began announcing to those in his vicinity that I was a third-year law student. It was really noisy in there; there was live music and it was fucking bad live music, trashy and low-taste covers of songs that I didn't particularly care for. You know, the usual girls in short skirts, midrift-baring tops, low-cut tops, high-kneed boots, singing and dancing and whatever. To their credit, they were on key; but that was about it.

Anyway, so it was really noisy and the Tipsy Companion began talking to me - except it was really noisy so it was more like he began shouting in my ear, and thus began a mutual shouting session. He was seated with a table of non-law people and he began introducing me to them, as well as his wife, and a couple of other lawyers, one of whom was quite hot. While trying to assess when it would be polite to politely excuse myself so that I could go home and sleep, the Tipsy Companion's friend - one of the non-law people - came over and talked to me.

Except, yeah, it was noisy so it was like him shouting in my ear and vice versa. Damn weird and not so good for the throat. He asked me if a certain Contract lecturer was still lecturing, and I was all, Yeah!, and he was all, He was my hallmate!

How interesting.

But wait, it gets better - or worse, depending on your point of view. Somehow the shouting session progressed to me making a throwaway comment about being there for the drinks, him asking if I'd like to go out with him for drinks sometime, me saying offhandishly, Sure!, and him asking for my number.

And me in my slightly smashed state of mind, not really knowing what I was doing, and so me giving him my number.

An hour later, after a tall iced soy latte from Starbucks, I began to regret it. When I reached home and the alcohol was mostly out of my system and received an SMS from the dude, I totally regretted it.

I'm sorry but...dude. Please. SMS properly. The poor ellipsis has been abused one too many times and you really do not need to contribute further to its abuse. And 'you' is spelled 'you' and not 'u' and I could go on but what's the point? Because, you know, PEOPLE NEVER LEARN. And apparently, judging by what I failed to prevent myself from doing last night, THAT INCLUDES ME.

It's all Tipsy Companion's fault. What was so fascinating about the fact that I'll be in my third year of law school in August?! And I so wasn't the only law student there!

I told my mom about the incident and after she was done chiding me for giving my number to some random person, she was all, "Hey, you can introduce him to your cousin. They're about the same age."

My cousin's 32 this year, by the way.

I guess that's the silver lining. But I know my cousin a bit and he's so not her type, and neither is he my type. I mean, I know I said to Mag, "He has money!", but the truth of the matter is, I am not that kind of girl. I'm not shameless to that extent and I'm not that miserable and I'm not that broke and I have more pride and arrogance than that. I honestly believe that I'm above relying on a guy for money or going out with a guy's wallet. In case I haven't made myself clear enough, I think I'm better than that. I think I am SO MUCH better than that. I've never understood the tai tai dream because to me that's so completely boring and meaningless, and most importantly, insulting. I can make my own money, you know? So yeah, money is so immaterial. And so I had no reason at all for doing what I did, except the excuse that I was a bit out of it.

It's really all Tipsy Companion's fault. I was honestly leaving with King Man and Jackie and everyone else until Tipsy Companion started annoucing that I was a third-year law student. Sigh. Let's hope the dude changes his mind and doesn't ask me out.

But maybe I really might just drag my cousin along. HAHAHA.

So that was my very interesting night.


In other news, I still love Blake Lewis.

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