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So, I haven't updated in...a while. It's probably a long while by my standards but well, what can I say? I haven't felt like writing. I've been sleeping til 12 noon at least (how true to form), watching Brothers and Sisters which I so love and started downloading after stumbling across a clip from it in which two seriously hot guys kissed (unfortunately, the show does not have enough guy-on-guy action. Like, hello, one of your main characters is gay. The straight people get more sex. Unfair), going out with friends, probably pissing my dad off with the increased drinking frequency but hey, and I believe there's a first time for everything and so last night I went clubbing with my friends.</p>

Before that we hung out at Loof where Andre had this awesome deal that got everyone a free drink each (which was about the only reason I was there - yes I'm a total cheapskate but I have no fucking money so excuse me) plus free food but I didn't eat anything. After a while everyone started camwhoring on my camera and Mag's, which was FUN! And there were these two seriously smoking Caucasian bartenders there. We were first seated at this long table which was directly in front of the bar and I spent a significant amount of time staring lustfully at the two bartenders. One of them wore a v-neck t-shirt with a rather deep neckline but the other one in a normal t-shirt was hotter. Haha. There were a couple of other cute ang moh guys there too and this super hot female saxophonist, and yes, the music is good. Kind of reminded me of Blake's original music, actually. You know, the electronica, beat-heavy kind of stuff.

Anyway, selected shots from last night (the rest are on Facebook):

Me and Ven.

With Audrey and Kyle the Malaysian.

I love this picture.

This one's pretty awesome too.


With Mag.

Mag and Ven.

Loof's hilariously retarded makeshift menu.

With Kel.

What a nice picture!

At Butter Factory, in the middle of the dance floor.

With Andre.

With Mag, Maurice and Andre. FUN! Check out the people in the background. I find it thoroughly amusing.

The initial plan was to go to Zouk after Loof. Pet, Ven, Mag and I hopped onto Bus 16 opposite Raffles City and when we reached Orchard, a massive crowd of people boarded the bus, all headed for the same place. When we were nearing Zouk we encoutered a massive, MASSIVE traffic jam. We got off the bus opposite Great World, and after crossing the overhead bridge to Great World, the bus we got off was still stuck at the bus stop. HAHA.

The change of plans led us to Double O (sorry I can't correctly spell things that are misspelled) where we stood facing the entrance and gawked at the sheer number of people that were waiting outside to go in. Seriously, it was like that time when Jay Chou and gang hopped over to Singapore to promote Initial D and I was (stupidly) waiting along the red carpet to, you know, see him, how stupid. But anyway, the number of people at the red carpet and outside Double O was more than comparable. Thankfully none of us were insane enough to attempt to queue, so we headed over to Butter Factory where the queue wasn't even half as long.

We queued for a good half an hour but THANKFULLY we managed to get in, or I would've been really bummed. Mag and I went in first; the dude at the door said "two by two". It was a little past 12 when we got in. First thing we did? Got ourselves drinks. 'Cause I didn't know what else to do. And because we wanted to wait for everyone else to get in.

I got a beer and Mag got a house pour (I had too much of those things at the Law Society mass call party). A while later Andre, Kel, Pet, Maurice and Yen Fang joined us; the rest - Kyle, Huiying, Aloysius, Daryl - couldn't get in, so they went home. Which sucked terribly, I can imagine.

I had beer, the music was loud, it wasn't techno, there were people everywhere, and we polished off our drinks and ventured towards the dance floor. The beer went down quickly on the already-empty stomach, the fatigue threw itself into the mix, and I started to feel high. And honestly, there wasn't anything else to do. I had no one to make out with so that was off the menu; there weren't any cute guys around, the travesty; and the music was tolerable. And it was loud. And I had beer. So I was in Rome and I did like the Romans do, all the while with this thought at the back of my mind: "I am so gonna fucking regret this in the morning."

Because...dancing? Yeah, so not me. The last time I did something that could remotely be labelled as such was in JURONG JUNIOR. During ORIENTATION 2004. And only because Mel and I were insane enough to sign up as OGLs. And, you know, I would blame the alcohol, except it really wasn't the alcohol. I was sober enough to know that I told my mom I'd be home by two and therefore I had to finish both my drinks ($20 entry + two drinks) before 1.30 a.m., sober enough to see that the guys around me totally weren't cute, and sober enough to know that I wasn't drunkenly and randomly moving about, not even after I downed my second beer in like 3 minutes and felt quite woozy as a result.

So yes, the cat is out of the bag: I had fun. A lot of it. I didn't even smell the cigarettes or feel the humidity or the sweat, didn't smell the stench that must have been on the people around me (I mean strangers, not friends, but I was mostly surrounded by friends). The music was loud, the beat and the rhythm pulsing steadily through my body, and I rode on the adrenaline high and just let go.

Of course, I spent quite some time randomly bursting into hysterical laughter at random people, but that's just me. All in all, it was good, it was fun, if King Man and Jackie wanna go Zouk next Wednesday I'm so there.

So that was my last night.


And speaking of last night, the dude from the mass call party asked me out. Apparently I was supposed to have drinks with him last night but I kind of forgot. He was apparently overseas when he texted me a couple of days prior - and when I found out he wasn't in Singapore, I was DAMN PISSED OFF. Like hello why the HELL am I paying long distance to text some random dude? How inconsiderate. Have I also mentioned the part about him being unable to SMS properly and like an educated person despite being at least ten years my senior?

Anyway, he texted me at 6-something yesterday, asking me if I was still good for drinks since he'd be back in Singapore at around 8. And I was like...dude, I'm going clubbing, sorry. I'd much rather hang out with my friends rather than pretend to pursue some romantic interest just to get a kick out of the novelty of going out with a guy in his 30's and feeling no guilt at letting him pay for everything since he has, like, a job. It would have been a see-once-can-already kind of thing, and I might have even dragged my cousin along, as my mom keeps on insisting. And I think I would've been more interested if he were a lawyer - but he's not. Too bad.

So I was all, "I'm going clubbing so tonight's no good. Next week?" He texted back, "Okay. Next time."

It wasn't a question and it was the sort of text message that I read and delete, so I did exactly that. While we were camwhoring at Loof, he called me. But it was noisy and I couldn't hear anything so I yelled something about "can you SMS me", couldn't hear his answer, said "bye!" and hung up.

And that was that; I haven't heard from him since. And I won't be proactive about this because I honestly don't care. To be honest I can't really remember what he looks like so I couldn't even say if he's cute or not. Probably not though; I'd definitely remember a hot older man who asks for my number. So, yeah.

My love life sucks. Which is just as well because I'm not equipped to handle any drama or shit right now. Whenever a guy expresses the faintest interest the first thing I do is to run as far away as possible. But that doesn't matter. It really doesn't.

Everything always goes back to the same starting point eventually.


Anyway, I love Kevin Walker. Watch Brothers and Sisters. LOVE LOVE LOVE KEVIN WALKER. Hottest gay attorney EVER.

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