anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

pirates 3 was a trainwreck.

So I just watched the third Pirates movie and I must say that it sucked terribly and that it was boring and that half the time my mind was off elsewhere. I remember laughing at two parts: Some crew dude's pronunciation of "macabre" and Jack calling Barbossa his "learned colleague", followed by, "I submit that [insert whatever it was he submitted 'cause I can't remember]."</p>

Unsurprisingly, I was about the only person in the audience laughing at those two scenes.

Anyway, it was a total bore, not worth the $9.50, and I would rather have stayed home and watched Brothers and Sisters. It didn't help that I couldn't remember what went on in the previous movie, which was also excruciatingly boring.

Okay, maybe it's just me. I hate action movies; they bore me to death. I hated Spiderman 3 because of its overkill action scenes and I am DEFINITELY one of those people who would rather watch people talk to each other for two hours than to watch people (uh, I'm sorry, computer-generated "people") fight each other for two hours. I think it's probably just me.

Bleah. Movies like Pirates 2 and 3 are clear evidence of the decadence of the developed world. You know, nonchalant money-wasting on rubbish movies that shouldn't even have been done. It's sad when a studio's hunger for MONEY! completely destroys, at least for me, the things that made the predecessor movie which inspired said hunger special. I was semi-looking forward to some verbal sparring between Johnny Depp and Geoffrey Rush because they were awesome in the first, but in the third there was like...nothing. And I hated seeing Barbossa run around like some minion with Keira and her gang.

Bleah, again.

Also? I fucking hate West Mall, the people that frequent it, the filth that the people that frequent it leave behind, and everything it represents.


I have to constantly remind myself that, despite everything, life still goes on, it will always go on, and so nothing really matters as much as it appears to. Yup.

I'm quite tired.

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