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taipei day 3

Danshui's charcoal (I think?) grilled smelly tofu is fantastic. My mom and I were there rather early today, at 11-something a.m., so most of the roadside stalls weren't opened. We walked to the other end of the place and I ended up buying my smelly tofu there. Unlike normal smelly tofu, the grilled one isn't deep-fried and doesn't come in a plate of sauce, and therefore it's more...I don't know, it's just nice.</p>

But it's totally an acquired taste 'cause my mom looked absolutely grossed out when she smelled and tasted it. Hahaha.

The ah gei thing has a layer of meat on top of the glass noodle-stuffed tofu so I ate the non-meat part. It came drenched in this mildly sweet, kinda tangy, slightly spicy sauce - absolutely fantastic. Also ordered a bowl of fishball noodles and the fishball had meat in its centre, which my mom ate, so I ate the rest of it. Yummy too.

I was super stuffed on the way back to the Metro station but I walked past a couple of stalls selling deep-fried cuttlefish balls and I couldn't resist so I bought a stick and it was gooood. Was super tempted to eat another round of grilled smelly tofu but I thought of my increasingly-bloated tummy (still constipated) and decided to pass.

Oh yes, we had Dunkin' Donuts first thing we got there. YUMMY. Had Mister Donut before we left - YUMMY TOO. Danshui so rocks.

Went to the National Palace Museum. It's uh, newly-renovated and everything. Yeah. It was really crowded and therefore noisy and my dad was pissed. I was super super SUPER tired from standing around the entire time in my heels which I've been wearing everywhere ever since Wednesday. Very excruciating. I liked the uh...Ching dynasty furniture. Yep. And those ancient manuscripts thingies. And Manchu script looked like Arabic at first glance, so I was like, "How come got Arabic one?" Retarded.

Saw a letter of well wishes thingy from the King of Spain to the Empress Dowager which was really fascinating. Saw, also, this super cute ang moh guy but that's entirely irrelevant. Right.

I still love Taipei. And I don't feel much like writing. I realise that I keep writing about food but that's unavoidable because the food here is good and that's a mere understatement. Even the braised hai dai and dou gan I bought from some random push cart on the way back to the apartment from the Metro station was good. Ah, Taipei. How different would my life have been if I'd never left? Sometimes I honestly wish I'd never left.

I don't want to go back to Singapore. Ever.

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