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tequila? never again.

I love this quote from Ugly Betty:</p>

Amanda (to Betty, about Charlie [Betty's love interest's girlfriend]): "Grow a pair, Bambi. You've been working here long enough. It is time to seize your inner Mode girl. Mode girls aren't the other woman, we are the only woman. Fight for your little dweeb. Find this chick's weakness and exploit it."

Amanda, by the way, is hilarious. I love her.


Last night was a very interesting night.

I met Pearlyn, Jocelyn (sorry if I spelled wrongly, P) and Carine for dinner at Miss Clarity's cafe. Carine's back from Canada for a bit and the last I saw her was probably yonks ago, so long ago that I don't even remember when it was. It was good catching up with everyone and she's STILL the resident gossip queen. HAHA!

Okay, that was potentially defamatory (okay not really lah whatever) but it's quite true! Right Pearlyn? Ha, ha.

I went off to Double O at around 10 to meet Baoyue who showed up thirty minutes later with Rachel in tow. I was so bored that I spent way too much time in the toilet and I actually sat down on the curb thingy outside Double O and called Mag on my cell, all unglam and everything. Wednesdays, however, so rock, because it meant free drinks for chicks at Double O...which on hindsight wasn't such a good idea. Because I had four drinks and after that I was unsteady on my feet and hysterical and giggly.

Because I had this nice, sweet-tasting mild alcohol whose name I can't remember (Exotic and a number starting with 5. I'm shit with numbers), then a shot of tequila, then a whiskey dry, then a vodka cranberry. The five of us - B, Rachel, Serene, Maybelline, yes a JURONG reunion! - hopped into a cab to Zouk and I was nearly half-drunk.

Here's a lesson for everyone: Don't drink alcohol just because it's free if you're as lousy as me.

Here's another more important lesson for everyone: Never call ex-boyfriends when you're nearly half-drunk (I must stress that I was NEARLY half-drunk because I was well aware that I was quite out of it), especially when you don't even know if you want to see or talk to said ex-boyfriends when you're sober.

Ergo, the next time I decide to get myself semi-smashed, friends, please take my handphone away from me.

Oh wait, then again, my dad would call ten million times so I suppose it's better for me to have my phone with me to answer his calls.

I don't feel like writing about the PERENNIAL dad problem so fuck that.

Anyway, we went to Mambo where we squeezed with ten trillion people and got quite high. Serene was super high and it was fun trying to match her high-ness, and half the time I was laughing my ass off at a couple of guys on the podium. There was, in particular, this dude in a red t-shirt who was uh, the bringer of the hilarity, and this random ang moh dude doing his own random things which was totally hilarious too. Unfortunately, the booze wore off after a while and it got a tad boring as a result. Maybe it's just me but Butter Factory was more fun. Uh, or maybe it's because Butter Factory was, like, the first time I ever clubbed. Or maybe it's simply because I drank at Butter Factory while I didn't drink at Zouk (so, the thing is, I'm REALLY broke and I didn't feel like spending money on alcohol and the bar was I didn't even know where anyway).

Thanks to Baoyue for showing me around all the same, for guiding me through the insanely packed passageways and showing me the other two rooms. I so wanna go to Phuture someday because it looked like a pretty hilarious place, too. Velvet looked boring though, and Baoyue was right about the decor being meaninglessly random and pretentiously unimpressive.

The night ended on a rather bad note, however. I was pissed off and I saw sights I REALLY did not care to see when I was leaving. Thankfully I had Maybelline to share a cab with and it was nice talking to her. It's been AGES since I last saw her. Rachel too, and Serene too. Serene joined us at Double O and I saw her and I was like, "Hey, I know you!" She went, "Family 1 OGL!" Like, TOTALLY!

Also, I saw my cousin while waiting to get into Zouk. She called out my name, I turned to her, semi-drunk, and went, "Hello! Who are you?"

God, it was bloody embarrassing now that I think about it. But she's cool lah. But you know why I didn't recognise her? She cut her fringe! The last time I saw her two weeks ago or so she still had straight, non-bangs hair. So it really wasn't the booze, and I really wasn't drunk.

I came home and I couldn't fully wash the smell of the smoke out of my hair. It still smells faintly of stale, decaying cigarettes, very unimpressive, I hate the smell of cigarette smoke, I'm glad they're imposing the smoking ban in July. Sorry but yeah, c'est la vie.

To avoid strange guys coming up to you and irritating the shit out of you, just pretend they don't exist. Pretend you don't see them. Put on a pissed off look because it always work, and I'm very good at putting on a pissed off look.

Clubbing is already getting old, however. And so is alcohol, and so is drinking. Everything, in fact, is getting old.

I need money. I'm going out now.

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