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One day at a time.

I know it's just a domain name, and it's just a blog provider, but this LJ still doesn't feel like my own space.


I spent a whopping two and a half hours in court today, waiting to go in for a PTC (pre-trial conference) that lasted barely 5 minutes. 

You know, I don't know why it still surprises me when I have to wait hours for a PTC. When I did my first internship, I followed a lawyer (who might be reading this) to her PTCs and they always involved a lot, a lot of waiting. The first ever PTC I attended post-call also involved waiting for close to two hours to see the district judge for 5 minutes to settle purely administrative matters. And it was only a few weeks ago that I was literally in court from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., waiting to see an assistant registrar for some default judgment hearing that royally screwed up, but through no fault of mine.

I was bored out of my skull. I brought along a copy of last week's Time magazine and after I was done reading all the articles that interested me, it was still only 10.30 a.m. I eventually went in at about 11.15 a.m.

I guess the bright side was, it took care of a portion of my stupid billing for the day.


Speaking of billing, I don't even care when random people ask me for legal advice (at their own peril, of course; someone should alert these people as to how clueless I am) with no intention of actually engaging a lawyer. I don't care because I just give it, and because I honestly believe that this stupid billing for your time nonsense is exactly that: nonsense. I find it ridiculous to bill clients for a five-minute phone call, or the one minute I spend typing an email to send them an attachment; but I don't have a choice, 'cause I have to account for my fucking time, and so I just put in whatever I've done in the day. Anyway, the higher-ups can delete amounts as and when they please, however they see fit, so it's not really my problem.

If I had to make a list of all the things I hate about private practice, I fear that list may never end.


Last rant about work: I spent 20 minutes today on the phone with a client, explaining to him what an agreed bundle is and what he had to do with regard to the draft index that the Plaintiff sent.

That was really rich, considering I've been working as a real lawyer ("lawyer") for exactly 5 weeks and 1 day. My only experience with agreed bundles and other bundles of documents involved checking the cross-referencing in the Opening Statement to the pages in the bundles. Did I prepare the said bundles? No, I didn't. Did the associates that prepared the bundles clue me in to what they did when they prepared the bundles? No, they didn't.

Did I really know what I was talking about? Generally, yeah. But in a way, not really.

I can't decide if I'm fond of being thrown into the deep end or not. But then again, at the end of the day, a day survived at the office is a small battle won, so...whatever. You just gotta do what you just gotta do.


In chirpier news, I've started re-watching my Season 2 Chuck DVDs and it's almost like I'm watching it for the first time! This show holds up so well on re-watch: I still find the storylines engaging and gripping, I still find the humour hilarious, I still find the emotions moving and real. Chuck is almost my new Veronica Mars (RIP), but much as I love Chuck, no show has reached the level of obsession that I had over Veronica Mars.

In any event, I totally can't wait for Season 4 of Chuck!!! I'm following Yvonne Strahovski (who is so, SO hot) on Twitter and I was all excited when she tweeted that they're now shooting Season 4. Anyway, it's starting again in September, so in addition to my boss going on leave for 3 weeks, I have something else to look forward to!


Last night with Wei Chuen was nice. It was almost perfect. I was still feeling sad from the fight we had the day before when he sat down in front of me at the Thai restaurant at Rail Mall, but that slowly gave way to the ease and comfort that I felt around him when we first started going out (as friends, according to him) that eventually paved the way to me falling for him. Last night felt like a first date, and I'm sure it was helped by, in no particular order, the familiarity of his cologne; the familiarity of the setting, albeit an extended version of the setting; and perhaps me choosing, subconsciously, not to dwell on the negative things and instead focus on the present and enjoy the precious little time I have with him.

He listens to me and cares about my happiness, sometimes even more than I do. I told him something that I haven't told anyone else and the genuine interest he showed was comforting, and in that split second I was secure in the knowledge that I will always have him in my corner.


Lastly, and I didn't want to write about this because I kind of forgot anyway, we had this lunchtime seminar thing for the newly-qualified lawyers.

My ears kind of couldn't stop bleeding when NEB was asked to talk.

In all honesty, and in all objectivity, he speaks with a strange twang. I don't even know how to describe it. For the first 1 minute of his little speech, all I could think of was how he boasted about having the ability to speak well when we were together, and how I didn't even really think so back then, and how I absolutely don't think so now (in all objectivity), and how, again, as usual, I don't even know, or remember, or care to know or remember, just what the hell I saw in him.

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