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The sole reason I have not written since the last entry is because my days so far have consisted in going to the library, writing some shit, having lunch and dinner while watching The Originals, then back to the library, getting tired at 9 or 10pm, then coming home to watch The Originals again, then sleep. Rinse, lather, re-fucking-peat. It is not exactly exciting.

The only sane part of all this so far is having Barry for company in the college library. Since I cannot be arsed walking 20 minutes to the faculty, I've been going to the college library which is 5 minutes away. It makes coming back for dinner a lot easier, and not having to spend more than 5 minutes getting to the library reduces my stress level a little. Mostly, though, I really need a friend around during this shit-infested period, and the faculty is empty, so obviously the college library is the obvious choice.

It's nice having him opposite me when I'm dying over whatever shit I am trying to write. Today he was gone for most of the day, popping back in only at 8pm. I pretty much felt super sian and bored and restless, and I had to force myself to write. The plan was to stay till 9-ish or 10, but I gave up at 8.45. I didn't accomplish what I wanted to, but whatever. I will do it tomorrow.


I still don't care about this PhD. I don't care if I don't pass. I don't care if I don't get a PhD. I don't even like Cambridge; being free of having to live in this place (don't get me started on the indignity of living in student housing at my old age) would actually be quite a relief.

My first interaction with a human being when I got off the National Express bus at Parker's Piece on Monday was with the taxi driver, who was a complete dick. I tried to pay for the fare with a 20-pound note. The fare was 6.20. He saw the 20-pound note and started bitching, 'Oh no, I can't do it.' He showed me some 20-pound notes, and continued bitching. 'Why do people pay for short distance fares with 20 pounds?'

Blah blah blah. I'd almost wanted to say that I drew money at the airport because I would've had a 50-pound note otherwise. He was so fucking unpleasant. He didn't even open the car door for me and help me with my suitcase when I got into the car. I told him that I may have some change in my room, and he was all, 'Be quick luv, I can't park here as I'm in the middle of the road.' So I wasn't sure if I should leave my things or take them, as taking them would slow me down, obviously. He was all, 'Take your things with you!' And then I asked if he was gonna park somewhere else, and he said, 'Just go and get the change. I don't have time to chit chat.'

I did have some coins lying around. I was gonna give him 6.50, but I decided that I wasn't going to give this dick any more money than he deserved, and so I gave him the exact amount.


I am too tired to even bitch properly. This entry is shit, just like """my PhD""".
Tags: cambridge, friends, phd, rant, stupid people

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