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(david cook +) people are unbelievably hilarious.

And with that, I'm officially done with 4 out of 5 of my modules!

Not that it makes a difference either way, considering the extent to which I've blown off school this semester. But still, it's nice to legitimately drool over David 24/7, at least for a few days until I decide to start studying for Chinese. Bwahaha.

I totally freaked out, though, when IVLE didn't load on my laptop at 3.45 p.m. I had to rush to my mom's computer, and when my thumb drive wasn't being read by the computer, I freaked out even more and was really convinced that I was going to get a zero because technology is a bitch. Thankfully IVLE worked on her computer and my submission is time-stamped at 3.53 p.m. so all is good.

My answer kind of sucks but yeah. I'm just glad it's done.

Anyway, while putting off editing my essay down to 3000 words this afternoon, I came across this totally retarded shit.

Um, I'm all for individualism and the concept that good cannot exist without evil, but to create a pseudo-religion just to espouse these ideas? Like, whatever for? I find it pathetic that these "individualists" need to be herded together like sheep in order to feel secure in their "individualism". Sorry, but the only true atheists are those that don't need a stupid support group to feel secure in their beliefs, or non-beliefs.

Am I really supposed to take this seriously? I fear for the fragile mental states of the people that actually digest this nonsense and believe in it.

Then again, whatever floats your boat. I should stop being surprised by the sheer amount of free time that some people have on their hands, considering the fact that people actually believe in Scientology. In that light this whatever Satan thing isn't really that far-fetched. I mean, if people can believe that some science fiction (SCIENCE BLOODY FICTION, for crying out loud. It's probably the least legitimate genre of fiction ever) writer is the be all and end all to the Truth of Why We Are Here, then I guess people can believe anything.

So yeah, there you go - my comic relief for the day. And now I'm going to watch a David video that I loaded on YouTube this morning that I've miraculously put off watching until now. Yay!



Ahhh oh my god the David interview is awesome!

I can't believe I haven't watched it, which should explain why the entire Cook fandom knew that his major was graphic design when a few weeks ago I was still trying to find out what he majored in in college.

I totally laughed out loud when the interviewer asked him if he was more like Bo Bice or - gag - Daughtry, and he was like, "I like to think that I'm a conglomerate of the two." Then he said that he'd never know what people think, and added, "Maybe people think I'm like Fantasia, who knows?" I CRACKED UP AND DIED.

And seriously? He's fucking perfection. He needs to stop using words like "conglomerate" and "vindicating" in his interviews. He needs to start talking like an idiot and punctuate his sentences with "oh my god" and "like" and "totally", because otherwise, I might really drop out of law school and go to LA to stalk him and become a full-time David Cook groupie. HE'S PERFECTION.

On another note, I just watched this video on YouTube that um, has nothing to do with David (hence 'on another note'):

Yeah. I think it's supposed to be a comedy about 9/11. Half of me finds it funny, while the other half can't quite get behind the idea of making fun of it when it just happened...well, not exactly recently, but it wasn't that long ago either.

I'm surprised that I actually find it inappropriate to laugh at the video and that I'm actually uncomfortable with the fact that I find it funny.

Anyway, watch it and tell me what you think. I'm curious.

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