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My guestbook is working again! Stop leaving me notes, sign the bloody guestbook! So anyway. Went to

I woke up this morning with my right eye itching like nothing. Looked at my reflection in the mirror, and was dismayed to see that it was all red. Left eye also caught some of that bloody pigment, but it feels okay. A while ago I tried using that Optrex eye bath or whatever it's called, but if I ever wondered why it is that I hate using it, all doubts had just flown out of the window. It SUCKS. Why can't my mom buy normal eyedrops? That dumb eye bath thing. I'm supposed to tilt the head slightly forward and rock the head back and forth for half a minute to bathe the eye, but I can't do that without the blasted thing flowing out of the little container every other second! I'd rather use, like Eye Mo or something.

My right eye still feels horrendous, but it's slightly better now. I hope I don't end up having sore's the holidays! Dear Eye, if you want to fuck up on me, do it when school starts. Not now. Okay?

My friend lent me her Jay Chou "Fantasy" album. I love that second song. He sings in Mandarin, obviously, but that song's called, in a rough translation, "Dad, I'm home." It's so sad. His dad would hit his mom when he's drunk, and he talks about his feelings when it happens. I hate translated stuff and never read translations because I think it detracts from the original meaning, but it's not my fault now that 1) Jay Chou's Taiwanese and 2) I'm writing this in English. But that 2 lines really got to me: "Does your hand not hurt?"

He mumbles a lot when he sings though. But um, I like the songs. I don't listen to Chinese music. I don't know why, I just don't. But yeah. Anyway.

It's 10.36 a.m. I had a dream in which the Gorgeous Waiter appeared. Nothing happened. As in, nothing happened. He worked in my school, and

I don't know. I can't really remember now. I also dreamt of my Literature holiday assignment, which requires me to do an orbituary on Brutus, Caesar, Cassius or Portia (Brutus's wife?). I'm doing it was a poem because I find it easier than prose, and I was trying to do it last night but didn't know where to start. So last night I dreamt that the teacher made us do it in a group and she helped us a bit by giving us the first 2 lines. It could inspire the waking me, but um, I forget what they were.

Bloody. Freaking. Hell.

Also, I watched the SAGs last night. The Lord of the Rings did not win best ensemble cast. Gosford Park did. Talk about a big surprise. I thought it would either go to brilliant LOTR or A Beautiful Mind, but Gosford Park? My immediate reaction was, "What the hell?!?!?!?!?" I think LOTR still has a great chance at that Best Picture Oscar. Last year Traffic won best ensemble cast at the SAGs, but Gladiator won Best Picture. So...there's still hope!

I didn't finish watching the whole thing though. I switched off the telly in anger when GP's cast went up to receive the bloody award. Needless to say, I was a little upset, but hey. Whatever.

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