anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

"Hiro, you son of a bitch!"

Emo = boring, so...

(Spoilers for Heroes 3x04, I Am Become Death, weird grammatically unsound title that's probably a reference to some comic thing that's obviously lost on me.)


Is it wrong that I thought he looked really hot lying in the coffin? And of course, the minute he opens his eyes and sees Hiro, he goes all batshit on his ass and yells, "Hiro, you son of a bitch!"

I LOVE ADAM. I LOVE DAVID ANDERS. Even if it was just ten seconds of him at the end of the episode, it completely made my day and it made the rest of the episode worth sitting through.

To be fair, though, Nathan Petrelli makes my heart skip many, many beats, and I'd gladly attempt suicide if that's all it takes for him to swoop - literally - to my rescue. He's soooooo fucking steaming hot, omg, that I don't give a shit what nonsense lines he's sprouting as long as he's on my laptop screen.

I thought Sylar (oh sorry, I mean Gabriel) going all nuclear in the future was pretty cool. And Domestic Sylar (oh sorry, I mean Gabriel) was actually really fun to watch! I felt sad for him when his son died. So poor thing.

I've reached the conclusion that Heroes is only watchable if you turn off your brain and don't stop to think of the illogical things that the show makes its characters do. Like why did Present Peter in the future not heal with Future Claire sliced him with the scalpel? He was still bleeding when Future Nathan walked in (in a suit, looking all kinds of Hot) and untied him and Peter did a Sylar on him - which means his powers were still intact. I thought maybe he couldn't heal because the Haitian was around but that wasn't the case, and this kind of plot inconsistencies really bug the shit out of me. They give the characters so many powers that it doesn't make sense at all for characters like Peter to get into any kinds of scrapes, considering he has all the means at his disposal to get himself out. In fact, the lead-up to Sylar going nuke was completely unbelievable. Peter couldn't have frozen time to get Sylar's kid out of there before Claire and her Gang tried to kill them? What the fuck? And why did Hiro and Ando need to escape from Level 2 via the freaking vent when Hiro can, like, teleport? Of course maybe the presence of the Haitian is so far-reaching that he can disable anyone's abilities as long as the person is in the same building as him...but um, fanwanking much? And thanks, show, for explaining it to me. Because the whole rubbish part with Hiro and Ando breaking out of the cell was just a waste of time.

So yeah, I've decided not to think about the storyline anymore. It's stupid, completely senseless, but damn, Nathan Petrelli is hot, and Adam is finally back. I hate the fact that Useless Maya is a regular but David Anders and Kristen Bell aren't though. I can't think of a single person that watches Heroes that cared for, let alone liked, Maya, but so many others that liked Elle and Adam. WHAT THE FUCK, SHOW? Get rid of her please. She bugs the shit out of me, and the sex between her and Mohinder was damn disgusting.

Mohinder continues to be a dumbass. I wish they'd shown what he became in the future so that I could've laughed my ass off (he was lurking ominously in the darkness, his voice all deep and raspy and not-human, with some weird hood covering his face. WTF). He's turning into some huge-ass human bug - the potential for hilarity is very, very potent. HA HA HA HA HA. Serves you right for injecting yourself with some untested super-power-giving serum. DUMBASS.

OMG can't wait for next week! I want to see Adam! Ahhh David Anders, marry me.

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