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I Want to Live on Memory Lane

A couple of nights ago, while reading Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited, I came across the word 'siding' as in a railroad track. For some weird reason - and it is weird because the connection is so obscure - a song that I listened to quite regularly, as part of a complete album, when I was 11 or 12 suddenly started playing in my head. In particular, these words: 'And now we shunt our train onto a siding. I see your wave your hand and disappear.'

And now we shunt our train onto a siding. A siding. It is not a word that I see frequently. I haven't listened to this song and the band in over a decaded, possibly. And yet, the second I read the word 'siding', that portion of the song started playing in my mind.

I am now listening to Fool's Garden's Dish of the Day on YouTube; the song is 'The Seal'. There is something so infinitely precious and happy about listening to songs that you loved as a kid, an album which your CD player (I think mine was a Sony) constantly spinned. It is a virtual and instantaneous time travel back to bygone days; it is the second that ice cream melts in your mouth and floods it with the sweetest flavour. You sing along happily to the songs (which you can now do because all your housemates have moved out), surprised that you still remember most of the lyrics, and for a while, there is no PhD, no adulthood, no uncertainty; just these songs and the sweet memories of those Lemon Tree days.


I am loving Brideshead Revisited. I wish only that it's set in Cambridge and not Oxford as the places would mean more to me, but it's nice that I can recognise silly Cambridge quirks in the Oxford scenes (the academic gown, for one).


Rewatching Gilmore Girls is also a bit of trip. I'd never noticed how character-less Dean is; he exists only as Rory's boyfriend. I rewatched it for the Jess storyline but I don't find him as sexy as I used to, which is I guess unsurprising considering it's been 15 (I think?) years since that storyline and I should've grown up some in the time that's passed. Above all else, I am surprised by how unpalatable I find the Lorelai/Rory relationship now. It just seems so inappropriate for a mother and daughter to be best friends like that; a mother is a role model, and there should be boundaries.

I sound like an old fart. My favourite character now is Emily. I feel so annoyed everytime Lorelai is rude to her (and her dad) and makes snide remarks about how it's so dreadful seeing her parents, yada yada.

Like I said, a trip.

I would make this more coherent but I'm not feeling well due to the end of the summer, so I'll end this by saying that I played tennis this morning with Jay. We played our tiebreak; I won. Then we played two sets and I lost them both. I was leading in the second set; I served first and was up a break. Then I got broken, couldn't break, and was broken at 3-5.

I kept thinking, Normal services have resumed. I am losing. Yippee.

It was also cold and I wasn't feeling great but meh. It is frustrating. But it was fun anyway.
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