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I'm so tired that I could drop any minute but I'll do this anyhow, considering there's going to be a dry-up of two episodes in this genius's life. Yes. Camp. From tomorrow to Friday. I don't know what to make of it. On the one hand, I'm glad, very freaking glad, to miss lessons, but on the other, I've always hated camps. Always. Since the first time I attended one, back in Primary Four. But I'll just have to see.

Things that happened today in no particular order:

1. Took height and weight for PE. I gained a whopping four kilograms over the holidays and didn't grow even 0.1 cm. It really sucks. Ran one round with the girls in my class, which is majority, considering there're only six guys in my class. I don't know why I did it. We didn't even have to.

2. I almost fell asleep through all of my classes, and I'm not exaggerating. The only thing that kept me awake was the fact that most of them were tutorials, and not lectures, which means there's a teacher in a classroom with like, 20 students, so if I sleep, it's very bloody obvious. The worst was during Economics. The teacher just droned on and on and on about some stupid rubbish and the only thing I was concentrating on was to keep my eyelids opened. I tried various methods to do that. I wrote 'genius' on my lecture notes in English, Chinese and Japanese. I wrote 'genius' backwards. I wrote the first few letters of the English alphabet backwards. I even wrote my Chinese name, just for fun. None of them worked.

3. Because everybody hates Economics and because we had a free period before that, half of my classmates, including myself, of course, gathered in the canteen and purposely went for class five minutes late. Meaning, we started moving from the canteen at 3.05 p.m., when class was supposed to start at 3 p.m. Not only that. We were strolling merrily and casually and lazily, and when we reached the square where all the classrooms are, some funny guy had this great idea to take the longer route to the classroom. And we did just that and I laughed all the way.

4. The guy that asked for my number yesterday accompanied me home today. He lives in the same area, you see. Yeah. I ended at 4.30 and he waited for me. He's quite nice and unfortunately for him, he seems to like me. I have absolutely no fucking idea why. I didn't know what the fuck I did. I mean, I didn't do any-fucking-thing. He asked me out twice on Saturday but I didn't say yes as I am really, really not interested in dating anyone. Okay, except maybe my cute OGL but that's another matter. It would be okay if it were me, him, a few friends, but it didn't sound like it and yeah.

He's Taiwanese, by the way. He's friends with my Taiwanese classmate back in the old school. It's truly a small, small world.

This is pretty shit. Then again, he plays basketball and he offered to teach me how to do a lay-up. It's the most basic basketball shot and I can't do it. Talk about pathetic. I gained 4 kilos as you all know and I plan to shed it as soon as possible. In other words, I have to um, exercise. But since I hate running, I might as well play basketball!

I need to know how to do a lay-up though.

This sucks. I don't even know what in the bloody hell I'm on about. I'm too damn tired.

Won't be updating for two days.

But Mitchy made a three-pointer today that reversed the game and earned Shohoku a one-point lead. I was blubbering and on the verge of tears because I was sooooo amazingly touched.

Shit, I can't believe this. Third week of school and some guy decides to take an interest in me. Gaaaad. I just want a bloody friend, nothing more.

I have to sleep. Been tired the entire day and I didn't see my cute OGL AT ALL the whole day. He doesn't go to the canteen when I do, he doesn't emerge from the lecture theatres when I go in, he isn't anywhere at the same time as I am.


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