anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

i hate kids!!!!!

Kids are idiotic
noisy, full of shit
and irritating.
Fucking 2-year-olds!
Leave me the hell alone!
I don't want to hear you whine,
you fucking imbecile!
I don't want to hear you cry,
you annoying little pest!
I don't want you to touch my stuff,
and no, I really couldn't care less if
you're related to me.


I hate kids.
Ode to childless couples.

I know this poem sucks, but what the hell. My little cousins are here right now, and they're ANNOYING THE SHIT OUT OF ME! My dad isn't home now, the lucky shit! Fucking kids. I don't understand why people swoon over them. Stupid, brainless imbeciles (referring to kids and people who swoon over them).

Tags: rant

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