anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,


Am tempted to say, 'to fuck with this shit', but I've too many entries here and I can't bear to do that, so I'll check back from time to time to type some shit and leave it at that.

Life's been great. It's Chinese New Year. My crush on my handsome OGL has blossomed and um, that other word-ed, and he knows who I am, he knows my name, he knows how I look like and I can call him on the phone and talk and it'll be really fun 'cause he's this really cute and nice and funny guy. I really dig him. I mean, yes, we've got to know each other and it's really nice, though it probably doesn't mean anything to him but yes, it's really nice.

My vocabulary has shrunk. Have to do something about that.

So yeah. Hooray.

Tags: chinese new year, crushes, haojun

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