anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

O Levels

My O Level results, if anyone cares:

English: A2

English Lit: A1

Combined Humanities: A2

Chinese: A2

A Maths: B3

E Maths: B3

Physics: B3

Science (Chem-Bio): D7 (I find this hil-fucking-larious)

L1R5: 13

Disappointing. I was quite sad when I got it on Friday, mainly because I didn't get my A1 for English even though it is generally agreed that my standard is around there. But I'm over it and I don't care anymore.

Now, the question is, where the hell am I going for the next year and a half? Everyone's talking shit and I have no idea what to do. The guy that I like, the handsome OGL, let's call him Mr. Nerd because he really is one. Yes, Mr. Nerd's advice was to go to the best JC that I qualify for. In other words, he thinks I should leave JJ. But I want to stay and do 4 As. But if I stay I'll miss out on the competition at the better schools and I may not do well for the A Levels.

But yeah. We'll just see.

Tags: exams, haojun, o levels
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