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doing a survey for i am bored


First grade teacher's name:: Head hurts too much for me to think right now.

Last word you said:: "Simi lah..." "What lah" in Hokkien. Don't really know how to spell.

Last song you sang:: Some song played over the radio at Edo.

Last song stuck in your head:: The advert jingle for 'Now See This!'


What's in your CD player:: I don't know.

What color socks are you wearing:: I'm not.

What's under your bed:: Crap.

What's the weather like:: Crap.

What time did you wake up today:: 6.40 a.m., as per usual.


Who do you want to marry:: Not getting married.

Are you going to college:: Yes.

Where do you want to go:: NYU.

What is your career going to be:: I want to write.

Where are you going to live:: I don't know. Anywhere exciting. Which rules Singapore out by default, but hey.

How many kids do you want:: 0.

Kids' names: lalalalala.

Where do you want your honeymoon:: The goddamn graveyard.

What kind of car will you have:: A neon pink pick-up.

Alphabet on hold

[a] - age:: 16.

[b] - best friends:: Whoever I hang out with most often.

[c] - choice of meat:: I don't.

[d] - dream date:: Can't be bothered with such shit.

[e] - exciting adventure:: Um, crashing certain junior colleges, and cutting school at 9.25 a.m.

[f] - favorite food:: Um. French fries and cheese.

[g] - greatest accomplishment:: Nothing.

[h] - happiest day of your life:: Nothing so far.

[i] - interests:: Writing, reading, movies, certain anime.

[k] - kool-aid:: Yeah.

[l] - love:: Rocks.

[m] - most valued:: My diaries.

[n] - name:: Yelen the Genius.

[p] - pizza toppings:: Cheese and tomato sauce, and pineapple and tuna and...

[q] - question asked to you the most:: I don't know. Nothing really stands out.

[r] - radio station:: None.

[s] - sport:: Basketball but I get extremely frustrated when my shots bounce out of the damn rim. It happened a lot today and I was playing under the scorching hot sun. That was how I got my headache. It hasn't gone away.

[t] - television show:: Um, Slam Dunk. I like Gensomaden Saiyuki too. Nice. Genjo Sanzo is so hot.

[u] - your favourite song:: Sekai Ga Owaru Made Wa.

[v] - video: Um.

[w] - winter: What winter.

[x] - xylophone: Nani?

[y] - year born: 1986.

[z] - zodiac sign: Cancer.

your favorite myth:: That schools ranked among the top produce good students. I love that.

your favorite god:: Ares. He's hot. Um, yeah.

your favorite body part:: Hands and back.

your favorite author:: Yelen, duh.

your favorite obsession:: Mitsui Hisashi.

your favorite number:: 14.

your favorite excuse:: "I was sleeping in the canteen so I didn't go for class."

your favorite emotion:: Um. I don't know. Excitement.

your favorite drug:: Panadol.

your favorite drink:: Jasmine green tea, ice blended coffee, iced milk tea.

your favorite place:: Um. I don't know.

your favorite unattainable object:: Mr. Nerd. Hahahahaha. I'm just kidding. I don't want to attain him. So, yeah.

your favorite regret:: That is an oxymoron in itself. A stupid one, may I add.

your favorite thing to hate:: People who are better than me in English.

your favorite paranoia:: Anyway.

your favorite way to die:: I wouldn't know.

your favorite insecurity:: Don't be stupid.

your new favorite favorite:: ...

your favorite frustration: Basketball.

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