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The layout's kinda plain, but it has my darling on it, and more importantly, I hand-coded the goddamn thing myself and it took me quite a while. Good thing I understood most of what I was doing. I'm hoping that subsequent layouts would get better, but first, I need to get my hands on Photoshop. The picture was kept in its original form. I didn't do anything to it. Which explains the white background.

Anyway, enough about it. I had a rather interesting day today. I spent 4 hours with Mr. Nerd doing nothing. I had quite a nice time even though I had to put up with his constant fidgeting, constant spewing of nonsense, and, a while later, constant whining. I think he said, "Wah lau, damn sian leh!" about every two minutes.

I wanted to give a translation of 'wah lau damn sian leh' but mind draws a blank. Sorry. It basically means he was bored and restless.

I was rather restless too. Not because of the company, but because of the place my dumb-arse company chose. Jeez, of all places to go to, he had to pick the bloody piece of shit place near my house where there's nowhere to go. I mean, okay, the initial plan was to meet and give him the photo we took together and hang out for a bit. Neither of us intended to walk around the lousy mall. But we ended up doing that anyway.

I shan't complain actually. He chose that place 'cause it's near where I stay. I think. Well, I'm pretty sure he did. So it was a considerate gesture and I am grateful.

Yeah fucking right! I mean, it's a sweet gesture, yes. I was just reacting to the 'I am grateful' bit. It's rather too much.

After today, I know one thing: the crush has more or less faded into complete nothingness. Sparks did not fly. Chemical reactions did not take place. And he's not my type. If I ever thought I could ever con myself into dating a Boy Scout, I must have been heavily drugged. Besides, the very thought of dating makes me tempted to hurl my body off the nearest building (in this case, my condominium, ha, ha, ha). So the whole crush thing was basically pointless.

Then again, it's nice making a friend as spastic and retarded as Mr. Nerd is. Not only that, he's the most hardworking friend I have. I need to surround myself with diligent people if I want a nice resume for a scholarship to New York.

So all is not lost.

Tags: crushes, haojun

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