anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

orientation number 2

Orientation today

Just like my friend Melissa said.

Mel: How is 'fun' spelled?

Me: F-u-n?

Mel: Nooooo! B-o-r-i-n-g! Orientation is so fun that I forgot how to spell it!

Haha. I'm just glad I had her with me to laugh at the new people and try to get past the mundaneness of going through orientation a second time by screaming like mad chickens when we were up to it. Most of the time though, we weren't.

At least, I wasn't.

A funny thing I did: I went for the Art aptitude test at 10.30 just to escape the Telematch. For the slow people, it's a test to, well, test my artistic capabilities when it comes to visual stuff, which I have none, so the whole time I was there, I was laughing away. It's such a joke. I mean, I can't draw even to save my own life, and there I was, supposing to draw: 1. A sketch of my hand; 2. A sketch of the things I see before me; 3. A visual compostion of being lonely in a crowd.

I started to draw this really artistic piece of my fist but after getting the index finger done, I couldn't figure out how to draw the rest of my fist so I did the primary school thing. I placed my hand flat on the table, palm-down, and sketched from there. At least I didn't outline the shape of my hand.

Ah, well. All I can say is, JJ kemama! Woo-hoo!

Tags: junior college, mel

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