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bossy people ought to be shot

I'm still reeling from the amazing fact that I stayed for the whole orientation today. Okay, so my friends and I tried to run away but it was unsuccessful. We circled 'round the school, looking for a back gate, or at least a side gate, and when we eventually found a side gate, the damn piece of shit was locked.

The front gate was opened though, but why didn't we leave from there, I hear you ask. There were bloody councillors guarding the place. I'm not kidding. I saw some Year Ones walking in the direction of the gate so I thought they were leaving, so I said to my mates, "Hey, let's follow them."

We followed behind, and when we got near the exit that was practically yelling our names, begging us to use it, some councillor or whomever stopped us and was like, "Do you have an approval form?"

"No," we answered.

"Early leave form?"

"No," we said again.

"Then go back."

The biggest bite to this fiasco is that the Japanese guy was there. You know, the Japanese OGL during the first orientation? The fun dude? I thought he wouldn't give a shit but I should've known that he couldn't really do much anyway, considering he's not even a councillor or anything. But yeah, he was there, and, he said it all in jest, but he did say, "What are you doing here? Go back to the hall! Now!"


That was the first part. The circling around the campus bit came after that. And when that didn't work as well, we checked into an empty lecture theatre and discussed strategy there.

Nah, we didn't. Just rapped for a bit and all. When the bell rang we went to the library 'cause there might be some Year 2 class using the LT. It wasn't even ten minutes since stepping to the place when two councillors came in and got all the Year Ones to go back to the hall. One of them was nice while the other was a major bitch.

And they were both guys.

I'm glad I'm not in Family 5. The major bitch councillor, when we were all in the hall at the back, was like, "Who here is in Family 5?" He looked pissed as hell, as if he was ready to explode any moment. I seriously detest this sort of attitude thing. Just because you're in Year Two and you're a councillor doesn't mean you're the shit, it doesn't mean you have the right and the authority to boss people around, and it doesn't mean we have to take that shit either. I don't know if the people he was yelling at were first intakers or second but for a first intaker like me, who went through orientation already, going through it a second time is not just a waste of time, it's retarded as well. I just don't see the point. And I had camp. We did the cheers to death already and I'm sick of it. I couldn't even make myself get into the mood to pass the boredom.

And I have a serious problem with Year Ones as OGLs. As my OGLs. One of the OG3 OGLs is my friend. Or at least, we've spoken before and hung out before. She's doing a good job of you know, leading the people and stuff but gimme a goddamn break. Just spare me some of your crap 'cause I really could care less. I looked at her shouting the instructions and stuff and I began to feel the very first stab of alienation being injected into me. They say they're a part of us but they act as if there's a brick wall between them and the rest of us that make them more special. Which is bullshit. They were ignorant Year Ones just three months ago.

God, I tell you, I really miss the first orientation. That was so fun. I had a cute OGL to stare at (Mr. Nerd, of course). I didn't have annoying people bossing me around. In fact, if I remember right, no one raised his or her voice during the first orientation to tell people off. It was all fun, fun, fun.

I don't know though. Maybe I'm becoming more and more jaded with each passing second.

Anyway, speaking of jadedness, it reminded me of something Mr. Nerd said that day when we hung out for about four hours. I had one of my stories with me and I let him read it, and he was like, "Wah, why you so cynical?"

Yes, why am I so cynical? So cynical about relationships. So cynical about the USA as super powers. So cynical about so many things.

The answer?

Because I'm not positive! Bwahahahahahaha!

(Sorry if you were expecting some deep, profound answer.)

Skipping the games in the morning and going for campfire at night. Campfire is fun. I hope Mr. Nerd goes 'cause I really miss his presence at orientation. Of course, being Mr. Nerd, I highly doubt he would.

Tags: junior college, rant

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