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campfire's burning

Now playing in my head: A song from Grease that goes, "Tell me more, tell me more, was it love at first sight?"

First, the best news I've heard in a long while: NO SCHOOL FOR TEN DAYS! Yosha! Yeah the Ministry officially closed school due to the rampant spread of the SARs disease. Everyone was cheering when the announcement was made. So was I.

Now, the downsides are:

1. I would have NUTS to do for ten days;

2. The June holidays would be delayed for ten days.

But still, I get to sleep in for almost two weeks before I embark on my mission to transform into a nerd. (I shall use Mr. Nerd as a good example to follow.)

Actually, I should start to become one as soon as I can. I already have the reading materials for Mathematics. And I didn't take it in Term One which means I'm really behind. So, I guess if I'm so bored during these ten days that I can't find anything else to amuse myself with, I would become the best of friends with my Mathematics hand-out and we shall have a blast together, just the two of us.

Damn, seriously need to fix my CD players. I have two and they are both broke. I like doing Maths while singing songs. Otherwise, it's just not the same.

Anyway, went to school at like 3.30. The campfire didn't happen 'cause it rained in the afternoon and the ground was wet. So we had that hall thing again, like the first one. You know, everyone gathered in the hall and sang and yelled and jumped and danced and acted like total retards but who cares for everyone was doing it and it was fun. It took me a while to warm up; my mate Melissa wasn't there. If she were, I didn't even have to warm up, I would've dived straight into the thing and I wouldn't even give a shit.

So yeah, it took me a while to warm up to everything. Took me a while to open my mouth and scream. When I did though, man, talk about a wonderful adrenaline rush! It was like, "FUCKING LOOK AT ME! I AM SO GODDAMN COOL! YOU ALL CAN'T COMPARE, EVER!" Family One's campfire item was REALLY dumb. We all went up onstage and did a little thing to the song I mentioned above, which is why it's in my head right now. We had a little skit, a meaningless one but it had the rest of them woo-ing and everything, whereby one guy and one girl acted all lovely dovey towards each other. They were good sports but man, I miss the first orientation F1 guys like Dom and Aaron who are totally insane and would've made it better than it was. I mean, Dom dressed up as a big-chested woman for us! That was priceless!

Anyway, the rest of us moved to the music and looked dumb. But this is just my biased opinion. Had fun the rest of the time just jumping around, making noise, and shaking that arse. Fun fun fun. I never had this kind of experience in my secondary school, which I shall reveal now but those that matter already know anyway but what the hell: I was from CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School. Woo-hoo.

I'll tell you a secret right now. That school is damn boring. I mean it. Been there ten years. Almost killed myself. But, again, it's just my biased opinion so take it if you want to, leave it if you want to, I don't really care. But seriously, Sec One orientation, to me, is as forgotten as Vanilla Ice. Don't even remember what the hell we did. I only remember the campfire.

Then again, that's a stretch. I only remember the campfire, as in the fire itself. They had it in a shape of a heart and it was nice. Don't quite remember what else we did. Don't even know if there was an overnight camp. I don't think so though, as I have really horrid memories of such shit, taken place mostly in primary school.

JJC has nice mass dances. Rather easy to learn, fun and not too stupid, although I have a huge problem with dancing to Jennifer Lopez but I guess you just gotta take the good with the bad sometimes. Shame though that Mel wasn't there. I would've had such a great time with her, like we did during Camp's campfire night, when the parade square became a free-for-all disco and a bunch of us were dancing and laughing away. That was fun.

I'm glad I got posted back to JJC, and it's got not much to do with me feeling smart amidst the dumb asses (kidding). It's a fun place and um, even though orientation 2 sucked for the past couple of days, the first one was great and I had a, well, shitty camp but the campfire night was awesome, and today's - yesterday's, as it's 12.19 a.m. right now - concert thing in the hall was nice too so it's all good.

I don't know what the fuck I'm typing. I need to get some sleep. I talked with Mr. Nerd on the phone though, for quite a while. Would've went on spewing crap to each other if it weren't for his and my parents yelling at us to get off the phone. Was quite surprised when he said his mother was gonna scold him for talking on the phone for too long. I had the impression that his folks basically trust him to do whatever he wants as he's such a nerd and nerds don't do bad things. And I thought I was the only suay one with naggy parents who start their crap after five minutes of phone time with a friend. Jeez. I mean, my parents were annoying 'cause I was talking to a guy, but yeah, let's get off this subject.

Mr. Nerd is one spastic dude, I tell you. I told him about the Lame Clap (OGL: Gimme one LAME CLAP! Year Ones: (clap once, make an 'L' with thumb and index finger, swing 'L' upwards) LAAAAAME!) and he was like, "That's lame."

Wait, that doesn't demonstrate his spasticness. Okay, let me think of something else. Oh yeah. He was saying something stupid which I can't recall right now, and I was like, "All I can say is, dot dot dot."

As in, "..." Yeah.

And he was like, "Square square square."

Gimme one Lame Clap.

But yeah that phone call was funny. He refuses to admit my status as a genius, for some reason, and for another reason, it's my fault he's talking egoistic. What the fuck. I've got nothing to do with it. Just because I tend to go off about what a genius I am doesn't mean it's what inspired his 'I'm the centre of the universe' thing.

I'm just making something out of nothing though. I've finished my paper diary so I have nothing to write in, which should explain the considerable amount of bullshit I've typed so far. Seriously, once I start, it's hard for me to stop.

Anyway, I'll shut up about Mr. Nerd. I got my first choice combination: Literature, History, Economics and Mathematics. I'm taking four subjects. I'm taking Mathematics. I'm taking History. I'm taking Economics.

I am such a masochist.

The last time I touched History was when I was in Secondary Two. The last time I listened in Econs lecture was, hmm, in January, and I had 3 months of school. The last time I excelled in Mathematics was in primary fucking school.

I'm crazy, I tell you. The only thing that makes sense is Literature. I can't do without Literature. That would be like asking me to sign my own death sentence.

And I intend to take Literature 'S' paper in JJC, where 'S' paper for Literature is not offered.

I wonder if there's 'S' paper for GP. I doubt it. I heard that I need two 'S' papers for overseas scholarship. Ack. I'll do anything to get myself a place in NYU. I would run for Student's Council. I would take part in inter-school competitions. I would involve myself heavily in community work. Hell, I would even take part in school activities. I'm thinking of signing up for OGL-ing next year for next year's Year Ones.

All these shit would not, would never, cross my mind, not even once, back in St Nicks.

And I'm supposed to get good grades in the middle of all that.

Ahh. I want to die.

Before that though I'll go catch some Zs.

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