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SARS and all things nice

The government should stop double-standard-ing and just suspend school for polytechnic and ITE students. I mean, what the fuck? Their reason for not doing so is because post-secondary school students are old enough and matured enough to take care of themselves. Which is a load of bull. Firstly, junior college is post-secondary. Why else do they think I had a bloody graduation ceremony and a graduation certificate? Secondly, just because we wear uniforms doesn't mean we're not old and matured enough to take care of ourselves. Similarly, just because they don't, doesn't mean they are. And what has age got to do with anything? I didn't know the SARS virus is so clever that it can decide, oh, this 15-year-old looks vulnerable. I shall go and infect the living fuck out of her!</p>

This is such a farce. If they want to impose something as major as the suspension of schools, at least do it properly. It's as if there's a rift between JC students and Poly students, like we're better or something, which isn't even true. And besides, I'd rather go to school anyway. I've been so bored at home the entire day and I still have to put up with one more week of absolutely nothing to do.

Why oh why does this have to happen to Singapore? Why why why?

Things to do next week:

1. Complete my half-written Slam Dunk one-shots and get started on new ideas.

2. Play basketball in the morning.

3. Call up my friends and talk to them.

4. Work on Chapter 12 of my Rukawa fic.

5. Finish the story I'm about to write, inspired by Mr. Nerd's "I wanna be a bad boy" talk. That is, if I don't finish it by tonight/the next morning.

6. Try not to go bonkers with nothing to do.

7. Start envisioning myself in the JJC uniform and deciding on how short I want my skirt to be. (I'm really excited about finally being able to chuck my pinafore aside and don a skirt-and-blouse uniform. Woo-hoo. Bye bye horrible pinafore! Hello sexy new skirt!)

8. (Almost forgot this) Look through my Mathematics hand-out and try to make sense of things like 'half-fractions' and whatever else they've got.

Mathematics...what the fuck was I thinking?!

Anyway. I love spicy food.

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