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I played basketball today. I think I do a mean impression of a fade-away jump shot, and note that I said impression. Was playing the ABC thing with my mother and my brother who simply LOVES hogging the stupid ball and I skipped the free-throw and three-point lines and progressed to the position under the basket. I'm actually supposed to shoot by a hook shot, or whatever, a lay-up shot, kinda, without the running, but because my arm ain't that powderful, I held the ball over my head, aimed for a high spot above the basket, leaped (lept?) backwards and shot. And lo and behold! I used that method twice and it was successful twice.</p>

This is the ability of a true genius. Thank you, thank you. Arigatou. Merci. Xie xie. Gracias. Kam sia, however that's spelled. Etc.

Played two on one against my cocky as hell brother. Played twice and won both times. I was really burning during the second one. I actually made perfect shots. The ball didn't touch the board, it didn't touch the rim of the basket and just sailed right into the net, creating that awesome 'chuak' sound. So nice.

More basketball talk. Stupid Kobe Bryant scored 42 points in the first half of the Lakers' match against the Wizards. That guy deserves to be shot in the head. That is, unless he stops playing for the Lakers. I hate the Lakers. They are a complete one-man team, sometimes two-men. Without Bryant and that major idiot Shaquille O'Neal, there's no way in hell they could've clinched three consecutive NBA titles. What other good players do they have? Nobody. Teams like my beloved Sacramento Kings and the San Antonio Spurs play as a team, they work as a team and everyone is a point-getter in the team. And that is what's gonna get them the championship this season. I want the Kings to win, of course, but I wouldn't mind the Spurs winning either. It's David Robinson's last season and he's a really cool dude. It'll nice to retire with another NBA championship. (Spurs got it in 1999 after beating the Portland Trailblazers flat.)

Yeah anyway, before I put more people to sleep, I'll move on. To...I have no idea what. Was a damn boring day today.

Oh yeah. Went for the NUS (National University of Singapore) admission tour. The Raffles museum of Biodiversity was pretty interesting. I saw a bunch of disgusting things that fascinated me at the same time. For an example, there was this giant king cobra preserved in alcohol, and I was looking at its long body when my eyes travelled to its face and got the shock of my life when I saw two turquoise...things staring back at me. They were its eyes. And it was really scary.

Saw a bunch of strange worms. Forgot what they are but there was this huge worm that looked like a dagger used in medieval times. It was pretty disgusting. But interesting at the same time.

Anyway, I still want to go to NYU. The guide took us to one of the residents, the newer ones and I think I was deceived for the place looked like a condominium. It's really gorgeous. But it's a hundred and ten bucks for a week in Type A rooms, and Type A rooms are what I need if I'm ever going to stay there, because it comes with air-con and a personal shower. I need those things or I will die.

See? I told you I was spoilt.

So yeah. That's my day. Exciting.



fade-away jump shot: a really cool move in my opinion. don't really know how to define it. it was defined in an episode of slam dunk but i forgot what they said. but yeah, when a player does a fade-away he jumps backwards before he shoots. usually one jumps up but fade-aways are fade-aways only when the player jumps backwards. fade-away jump shots are harder to block.

free-throw line: the line from which free-throws are made. a free-throw is worth one point and is awarded to players who are fouled by their opponents in the act of shooting. it's an unguarded shot. (no one blocking the way.)

three-point line: very obviously, the line from which three-pointers are made, also referred to as 'the outside'. it's further away from the board than the free-throw line and is usually marked in white. at least, the ones i've come across are.

lay-up: running and jumping shot. supposedly the most basic shot a basketballer should know.

"the ABC thing": it's this dumb thing people do. it's really lame. basically you and your friends take turns shooting from various positions around the basket, including the outside, and the first person to finish the thingy wins. i don't know what the lines are called so forget it.

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