anotherlongshot (anotherlongshot) wrote,

boredom, part one

I played basketball for half an hour in the morning.

I began sweating just 3 minutes into walking out of the house and to the community centre.

It was as if I was possessed or something. I wanted to turn back but I didn't. I just kept walking, even though I was quite irritated by the hot sun.

And I played for half an hour. That's pathetic. Ten minutes into my mini-workout, and I was half-dead. I think I'll just resign to my fate as a pathetic, un-sporty person with worse-than-bad stamina and let the P.E. teachers at JJC have their sadistic fun torturing me.

Just took a test.

Which Saiyuki Boy are you?

Which Saiyuki boy are you?

Take the Saiyuki Quiz at

I thought I was going to get Sanzo. Ah well.

Anyway. I borrowed the Inter-High part of the Slam Dunk saga from my cousin yesterday when I was at my grandma's. He lost book 24 so I bought it today. Maaaan Mitsui shot a three-pointer! Finally! I think he should be in the limelight more considering he's such a gorgeous, talented thing. He is like...*sigh* I haven't the words to describe.

The comic books are in Chinese. Which means I've been taking like two minutes to read a page. Which is pathetic. I spent about an hour reading an entire volume, while I would've finished it in twenty minutes if it were in English. And I don't know a lot of words so there are parts where I've absolutely no idea what the hell the characters are on about.

I do have a foggy idea though.

Yesterday. Went to the cemetery. Was there too early and the sun didn't want to set so I didn't get to see a sunset. All the smoke from the incense made my head hurt. And the sun? Blazing and scorching and humid. I could've died.

I can't wait for school to start!

Brown Eyes

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Whoa.. there's a guy that would protect you forever and have you in his arms no matter what but watch him up before he steps out from your house to go to the bar! ^_-
Sha Gojyo. There's the guy for you but don't ever
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Which Saiyuki Characters fits you?
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