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the reason for whining

School starts on Wednesday.


Life is so unfair. The secondary and primary school kids get til the following week off. The 14th. While poor me have to force myself to sleep on Wednesday morning just so I wouldn't die when I go to school for classes.

I want to watch the match between Real Madrid and Manchester United live! And I can't because I have to go to school!

I'll look on the bright side though. Yeah. I guess this means the SARs situation isn't that out of hand.

That, or the government is out to get JC students.

Whatever. I'll just call home from school and demand my brother to tell me the results of the match, since that bugger would be at home and everything.

Something is bothering me though. I'm not sure what it is. I'm thinking it's the fact that my writing seems to be seriously deteriorating as I find it hard to string pretty sentences together. And the words aren't coming as freely and quickly as they used to. Before, they were dying to be purged on paper. They imploded my mind at a few kilometres and hour and I would scribble and scribble until I have to stop, or my wrist would definitely break. Nowadays though, I'd write a paragraph and I'd stop and stare out of the window.

I have no focus at all. It's a definite weakness.

I'm also thinking it could be the situation with Mr. Nerd. Or non-situation. Whatever.

I just think that that guy is so infuriating. I waited one whole day to reply to his email, 'cause I didn't really want to send him something that goes like this: "WhatEVER. Suit yourself."

I was tempted to but I didn't. Instead, I typed something along the lines of, 'ok, have fun.'

I don't know. It's just... annoying me. Yes, that's it. I'm still pretty ticked off because I read over the mail when I sent the 'ok have fun' thing back yesterday and man, the coldness level could've frozen Hell over. He sounded like he had a stick up his ass. I was just joking, as usual, making fun of his, well, nerdiness, but so what? I do that all the time and he never seemed to mind.

Bleah. It could be factor #1 and factor #2 combined, and factor #3: not being able to watch the match of the century between Madrid and Fuckchester United.

Or maybe it's nothing at all.

I seriously hope Mr. Nerd never comes across this.

Sigh. I'm so utterly bored. I guess it's good that school is starting soon. At least then I'd have something to do.

My brother found my Discman charger and I was pretty excited 'cause I thought it means I can bring it to school and listen to my brand of music, but guess what? The battery is dead. It can't re-charge.

Talk about bursting my bubble. I want an MD player, or a CD burner, but I'm too poor to buy either one of them.

I really want to make some money, maybe get a job tutoring English or whatever, but I'm a really lousy teacher so I doubt anyone would want to hire me. And there's school so I wouldn't be able to find the time.

The easiest way to earn money would be to scour for magazines that pay writers to publish their articles in their magazines and, you know, get money from there.

But then, I'm in Singapore. And I'm not that good.

So either way, the point is, I'm stuck with my current financial situation.



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