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Was up till three this morning just writing the next part of the Ru fic. You know, "Maybe I'm Confused". I'm too lazy to link it, but yeah. </p>

I found that I should've written a characterisation note ages ago, for it would've definitely helped during my three-month long dry spell. I mean, yesterday, or rather this morning, it was almost as if I was possessed by, I don't know, Shakespeare or something. I mean, the writing isn't that eloquent, obviously, or it would definitely defeat the purpose of the fic, but I had solid ideas coming out of nowhere and I could actually character-develop. And I had a plot.

I thought the fic was just going nowhere. It started out as something to explain the mystery that is Rukawa Kaede, and I gave him funny moments and stupid accidents that really don't mean anything. But I wrote that characterisation note. Wrote basically the summary and the point of the fic. And finally, finally, I get the point again.

So now I'll end this shit on this note and go off to continue the um, thing I started this morning. Was going to finish it but I got too sleepy.

Unfortunately, I was rudely awaken this morning by my father's loud voice. He was yelling at my stupid brother to wash his face, and because bro's going through puberty, his voice is breaking and god, when he yells, it's really as if the house has been invaded by crows or something.

So I got up at 10.30. Now I'm all groggy and hit-by-a-car like.

Tags: fanfiction, slam dunk, writing

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